Monday, March 13, 2017

Creating custom glitter backgrounds using Rainbow Dust

I'm sure there's no crafter out there who does not like glitter! We all just love to use glitter on our projects, as a cardmaker I have often used the gorgeous, high quality glitter paper by Itsy Bitsy.  The papers come a range of beautiful colors, but, what if you want ombre glitter paper, or rainbow glitter paper? Well, with the the new range of glitter, aptly called "Rainbow Dust", you can do just that! 
The glitter comes in a range of beautiful colors, is super fine and very high quality. I played with the pretty shades to came up with 3 fun ways to create your own custom colored glitter paper using them

Card #1

For my 1st card I wanted to make a shimmer background with blended colors from red to gold. Here are the steps I followed to create my card.
1. Start off with a white cardstock panel cut to the size of your card front. Cover it entirely with super strong double sided tacky tape while ensuring there is no gap between the rows of tape.
2. Peel off the top of the tape to reveal the sticky side.
3-4.Starting with the Fiesta Rainbow dust, pour the rainbow dust onto the cardstock panel and shake off the excess. The sequence of colors I followed were - Fiesta, Rose Quartz, Glazed Apricot, Glazed Fire.

 6. Take a scoring tool or any blunt long object, like the blunt edge of a scissors and burnish in the glitter powder. Move back and forth multiple times where one color meets the other to blend and mix the colors a bit. This will ensure that there are no sharp lines where one color ends and the next one starts. Once the glitter is nicely rubbed in, it will not come off if you run your fingers over it.
7-8. Once you are satisfied with the colors place the ornate doily die and die-cut in the center of the panel.
9. Take the negative of the die-cut and stick a piece of acetate or transparency behind it.
10. Line the outer edges of the panel with double sided foam tape.

11-12. Take a little of  Golden Hearts and Crimson Hearts Hearty Melange and sprinkled them in the middle of my white cardstock base.
13. Place the shimmer cardstock panel and stuck it on the white cardstock base.
14. Stick the die-cut doily on top of the acetate, from where it was cut originally.
15. Finish the card by stamping the sentiment on a piece of kraft cardstock and adhering onto the top panel.

Card #2

I created a bold striped, ombre background, moving from a darker to a lighter tone of the same color. I created a gradient from black to silver. Here's how I made it.

1. Start by sticking double sided tacky tape at equal intervals on prefolded, white cardstock base. I used the markings on my cutting mat as a guide, you can mark equal intervals with a ruler too.
2-3. Start peeling off the tape one row at a time. I poured black rainbow dust in the bottom 2 rows. Brush off the excess glitter powder with a brush.
4-5. For the next 2 to 3 rows mix a bit of silver and black rainbow dust in a small container and pour. Progressively increase the amount of silver rainbow dust in the mixture as you move towards the top rows.
6. Finish off the background with 2 rows of pure silver rainbow dust. As with the previous card, nicely rub in the glitter powder with a scoring tool.
7. Finish the card with embellishments of your choice. I used cute floral 3-D sticker from the Itsy Bitsy store.

Card #3

I've created a rainbow shimmer background for my 3rd card.The process was just the same as the first card, only the Rainbow Dust colors were different. The colors I've used in sequence are - Fiesta, Rose Quartz, Glazed Apricot, Glazed Fire, Shiny Moss and Rich Berry.
I finished the card by sticking glitter butterfly embellishments and stamping a sentiment.

I hope you like these projects, the possibilities are endless with Rainbow Dust, in cardmaking itself I can think of so many other ways to use these. I might cover a few more techniques in my next post.
Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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    1. Thank you so much Suman, I love that card too!

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