Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Give Gift Vouchers Craftily!

A friend of mine turned thirty the other day and we girls all pooled in and got her a bunch of vouchers. She had recently lost a whole lot of weight so the idea was to gift her a new wardrobe. Now I don't know about you but I am totally over the whole 'gift vouchers in an envelope' routine. With a gift so dull, of course I turned to craft to jazz it up. Here's what I came up with. 

While from the outside it looks like a card, the inside contains an envelope in which I could slip in the vouchers. The message of the card was aptly coined. She was a 'Loser' after having lost so much weight and with the vouchers, she could now be a shopper.

Making the inside was actually really simple. I glued an A4 size envelope to the inside of the card and then glued this pretty striped paper from Itsy Bitsy on top of it. I very quickly had a perfectly strong and attractive envelope.

Doing up the front of the card was so much fun! I combined some green pattern paper with a white paper to create the wall and floor effect. Using some chipboard I drew and cut out the shape of the vanity and basin. Some more chipboard covered with foil provided the mirror and a door out of card was inserted. A touch of paint with some black pen detailing completed the look.

Then I got to work on the skinny girl cartoon. I drew it out on a piece of white card. Once I was satisfied, I cut out the shape and painted her body and towel. Some detailing with a black felt tip pin brought her to life and there she was, a happy skinny girl in her bathroom.

Now all that was left was to add some details around the picture. In keeping with our craft flowers theme, I inserted some Itsy Bitsy Daisies on the counter top. Some louvres for the cupboard made it more attractive. I also slipped in a chipboard weighing scale, making sure to get the weight right.

My gift voucher card was ready for presentation. She loved it to bits and exclaimed 'If only my legs were that skinny!' Now that's one remedy even craft can't fix! Yikes!


  1. nice card .good effort on card.plz off your word verification.

  2. Lovely creation:)
    Nice to see each peice hand drawn & cut such a lot of effort sunehra:)!!

    1. Thanks a lot Sharada, it did take some effort but was so much fun!

  3. what a fabulous idea i love your card /gift voucher holder...thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. Appreciate the feedback Arushi! Will drop by your blog soon.