Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winners of the ItsyBitsy Craft Flowers Challenge

We are thrilled with the response to our first mainstream challenge - the ItsyBitsy Craft Flowers challenge. We had 23 fantastic entries which displayed the creativity, versatility and talent among our crafters here in India. It was no easy feat choosing the winners and here's the criteria we used while evaluating the creations:
  1. Creativity - after all you had to create something other than a scrapbooking or card layout which demands creativity.
  2. Finish - how clean, neat and complete your project looked.
  3. Applicability to Contest Guidelines
  4. Type of flowers used and how they were applied. 
  5. Overall look of the creation. 
So without much further ado, here are the 2 winning entries!

We've got Shilpi with her fantastic lit canvass and Shubhra with her gorgeous embellished box. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you for your excellent submissions. 
Shilpi's Magnificent Backlit Canvas
Shubra's Divine Embellished Box
Shilpi and Shubra, we will be writing to you separately to share details of your vouchers for Rs 1000. You can also now proudly add this badge to your blog and our mail will give you the image URL address.

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated. We loved seeing your creations with our flowers. Your interpretations were inspiring and versatile, showing just how much you can do with craft flowers. Thank you once again.

Stay tuned to a super exciting challenge for August where we hope to see even more participation and support. 


  1. congratulations:)
    lovely badge:) hope the last challenge winners also could get them too:)

    1. Hi Sharada - thanks for note. You are spot on! You should get a badge for the earlier challenge. Will send it to you very shortly.


    2. congrats winners :)lovely work.even i'll wait for my fathers day winning badge :)

    3. Sharada and Taranjot, the badge has been created and sent to your FB mailboxes. Enjoy!

  2. congrats winners !! shubra's box is divine no doubht....but I do not know why shilpi had won....what about the rules ??she had not added a link back to challenge on her post nor had she entered with the blog post(rather the whole blog). NOT FAIR FOR OTHERS WHO R FOLLOWING RULE.

    1. Megha - Please review the rules in our craft flowers challenge post. We didn't ask that a link back to the challenge be created nor did we ask that the blog post be linked. Maybe these are rules adopted in other challenges but this was not the case for ours.

      This forum has been created to support, encourage and celebrate crafting in all its forms. I'm sure you will join us in this endeavor by congratulating the winners - Shilpi and Shubhra.

  3. Congrats to the winners !!I Simply Love what Shilpi has done with the Flowers ..Her Lamp Shade was just Stunning :)

  4. Simply delighted and love the canvas from Shilpi ! Thanks !:)