Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Winners of the Itsy Bitsy All That Glitters Challenge

Folks, it's been a long wait and we're seriously sorry about that, but we finally have the talented winners for last month's challenge here at Itsy Bitsy. The theme was 'All That Glitters' and you were asked to create anything as long as it contained some sparkle or bling. The entries were fantastic and given the delay in announcing the winners, you can imagine how difficult it was for us to choose the top projects. But choose them we did so crafters, here are your winners for the Itsy Bitsy All That Glitters Challenge!

The winner for Paper Crafting is Indrani of Rey Creationz for this super classy and stylish card; and the winner for Jewellery Making is Anurita of My Space My Creativity for this stunning fringe choker necklace. Well done ladies!! You each win a voucher of Rs 1000 from Itsy Bitsy and starting from this month, we are inviting the winners of our challenge to create a guest post for the Itsy Bitsy Blog. Do write in to info@itsybitsy.in to claim your voucher and get more details about the guest post opportunity!

Now on to the finalists for each category. Once again it was really hard to choose just 6 toppers so kudos to all of you for your tremendous effort!

Finalists for Paper Crafting:




Sindhu M

Finalists for Jewellery Making





And that wraps up this Winners Post. Finalists please write in to info@itsybitsy.in to claim your badge. Congratulations to everyone featured here and I hope you are all eagerly working on your tutorials for the July Challenge. We can't wait to see your creations!!

Cheers! And Happy Crafting!!


  1. Congrats to Indrani & Anurita.... fab work. Wishes to all others too.

  2. Thank you itsy bitsy team & sunehra for choosing me as finalist and congrats to all the winners & finalists

  3. i'm happy to be in the finalist list..Congrats winners...

  4. sunhera will u make me understand one thing........what r the qualities of the winner chosen ??
    hussena won 3 times coz her entry was according to u awesome ........till month of may d entreis that were brilliant were only choosen winner....and now...this time and last time I can not understand what winners r u chosing.....last time 12 year old Anushree won ...but how do u know its made by a 12 year old + 12 yrs old means she was born in year 2000 ...u go and make a yahoo account u will not be allowed to make coz of kids policy.....Viola Girbert set according to u it was intricate set.....seriously ??Imean if u go on reallity basis no one would like to wear it.....this time THE THEME OF CHALLENGE was ALL THAT GLITTERS...ADDING more words bling, shimmer, shine, glitter and sparkle.....the inspiration by u was awesome,brilliant but winners....anurita fringe choker necklace...just go on google and type this word u will get 100 of tutes on this....where is the innovation, design the three C's ??insnt it simply cut,copy paste material.....and if u think it take hardwork to do bead weaving then my answer is ....everything takes hardwork
    and the card using just two glitter flower in the center of flower justified with yr theme.....and the finalist ...do u really think ?? its been last 7 months i had been submitting my entries here ...earliar i could not win coz the winners and finalist were the brilliant entries with innovation and so never felt bad coz they were deserving ....but now .....either do one thing do not give too gud inspiration that our expection to create something increases to high and then when looking at the winner chosen and finalist our motivation drops...this is really heart breaking and I really want to make one thing clear by telling u what i felt...... i really dint want to hurt anyone...and i m not saying that i deserve to win at any chance but would prefer if u choose winners who actually deserve

    1. Hi Riti

      First of all thanks for writing in. We appreciate feedback in all forms and appreciate that it has taken courage to frame a comment like this.

      That said, it may have been worthwhile to consider that what you have written is extremely hurtful to all the winners and finalists mentioned in this post. They deserve a moment to enjoy, celebrate and revel in their accomplishment and a comment like this takes away any positive feeling they might have had. It may have been more appropriate to send a private email or message as others have done so that you can express your concern without insulting or hurting anyone else.

      Let me respond to your points one by one:
      - Each entry is reviewed by a team of designers here at Itsy Bitsy and the best 7 are then shortlisted. The winner is hand picked and we stand behind every winner's choice we have made since the inception of this challenge.

      - We do not consider the age of the participant, the innovation displayed or the effort involved in the project. All we consider is the presentation and the final result as photographed by each participant. A clean and simple creation can walk away with the prize if it is done tastefully and artistically as can an elaborate and intricate entry.

      - Our Theme was titled All the Glitters but the rules clearly stated that all projects were welcome as long as there was glitter or sparkle in the project partly or entirely. All the entries showcased here complied with this rule.

      - The inspiration projects are intended to inspire and that's it! It is not the benchmark. We are the manufacturers and exporters of craft supplies and embellishments with a wide range of tools, materials and products at our disposal. It is not fair to expect our audience to produce stuff on the same lines.

      - Craft is subjective - what one might find attractive another might find ordinary. So you are totally entitled to your opinion but we stand by ours.

      Finally we want to stress that these challenges are intended to celebrate and encourage craft, not to discourage it or criticise it. We regret that you have found this so demotivating and we hope that you will continue to support our blog, site and challenge in the future months.

      Thanks and Happy Crafting!

    2. Riti..can u tell me what is the connection between yahoo account and craft?

    3. Riti..can u tell me what is the connection between yahoo account and craft?

  5. Thanks for choosing me among the finalists. But I sort of agree with the above comments by Riti. Some of the entries don't even fit the theme well. It's kind of confusing how they were selected.

    1. Hi Indira, congrats on making it to the finalists. Your album was AWESOME! I have responded to Riti's comment in detail, perhaps you will get more clarity from that.


    2. Thanks Sunehra. Appreciate your reply to Riti's comment.

  6. Thanx team Itsy Bitsy, for choosing me among the finalists. And thanx Sunehra, for the quick and detailed comment on the process of selection.

  7. Thanks team Itsy Bitsy for choosing me a winner. Çongrats to the other winner and all the finalists!

  8. Congrats to the winners! On reading Riti's comment and Sunehra's reply, I would just like to add a small suggestion... Itsy Bitsy has every right to have its own parameters for choosing the winners. At the same time, it would be great if the criteria on which the projects are judged and the score of each project under each criteria are revealed to the participants.. It would give each of us feedback and I'm sure this would help in maintaining the participation and standards of the competition in the long run.

    1. Esvee, thanks for your suggestion, but we really don't want to over think this. It is just a vehicle to share and encourage craft, nothing more or less. Craft is after all extremely subjective so no scoring sheet would make sense to all parties equally.


  9. Thanks Sunehra and team for choosing me a winner. Thanks everyone for your wishes, congrats Indrani and all the finalists !

  10. Congrats to the winner.I want to add my two bits.I agree with Sunehra about the purpose of the challenges.I am presuming that we are all crafting because it is our passion/interest.These challenges are just to give all of us some ideas and push to create different things and also give us a channel to present our works of art.Winning or losing in my opinion should be secondary.I don't want to be preachy but that is what I think and I don't think its a fair expectation from any of the challenge sites to provide any justification for why a certain person was or was not chosen and as Sunehra rightly said,craft is subjective.There is no good or bad art.There are just levels of proficiency.End of sermon.:-)

  11. I completely agree with Sunehra and Pallavi. Everybody thinks their work is the best. A challenge gives us an opportunity to see how we measure up against other people. I think we should look at the challenges as a way of improving our own work, trying out new things and also having fun. Also, it is important to look at the project as a whole. The overall finish, presentation etc of the final project is as important as sticking to the theme.

  12. Hi Riti, this is Anushree's mother here..after reading your comment "how do u know its made by a 12 year old" Anushree is really upset ...You are welcome to see her crafts and art work.
    According to me age is not a criteria..Yes,she is 2001 May born.

  13. Thank you so much team Itsy Bitsy, for choosing me(Anushree) among the finalists. And thank you Sunehra, for the detailed comment on the process of selection.