Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Child made 60th Birthday Card - guest post by ArtsyCraftsyMom

It is my mom's 60th Birthday on 26th this month. Though we couldn't be with her on her birthday, we wanted to send our love and wishes on this amazing milestone. What better way to show our love than to send a cute handmade card.  I also wanted to have a craft project that my daughter could mostly do on her own. 

To make the card, we used the yellow chart paper from itsy bitsy. It is light and can hold its shape at the same time. We love these large sheets and use it for many many craft activities. During the Diwali Sale we had picked up the sheet for just 10 rs each. 
Since it is my mom's 60th Birthday, we wanted a card that could hold 10 candles on each page and wanted the accordion fold to have 6 pages. So total 60 candles on the card.  For this, I cut  the large chart paper across its broad edge. and then glued the edges together to form a long sheet. We then Did an Accordion fold to make a card with 6 pages. 

Lil P was excited to see so many colourful stickers. She picked up every piece from my foam sticker collection. Some numbers, Alphabets, Hearts, Flowers , Butterflies..

First we cut two 12x12 pattern papers into 6 pieces; 3 pieces each. This formed our large cake that ran across all the 6 pages. Then we stuck them onto our card using glue sticks. We found these cute glitter washi tapes at Itsy Bitsy and used 5 colours to make 10 candles on each page. Once our 60 candles were ready, Lil P stuck Foam hearts as flames.

We also had a glitter "Happy Birthday" Banner that we had purchased from the party supplies at Itsy Bitsy. We took each letter apart and stapled it on our card.

We left some spaces  between each letter to stick on some printed photographs of my mom with us.

Some more flowers were placed to beautify the card. My mom loves flowers and has a fabulous garden back home so Lil P loved to paste them everywhere.

We added some butterflies and dragon flies .. all nice and glittery at the top of the card.  Finally the letters 60th was added between Happy & Birthday and our Handmade card was ready. Most of the activities Lil p was able to do independently and this kept her busy for nearly 2 hours.

Happy Birthday Ma! Hope you love the card and wishing you many many many happy returns of the day. 

Shruti Bhat is a Software Quality Analyst by profession who mostly exercises her left brain during the day at work and her right brain takes over at home. She loves crafting with her 7 year old daughter and blogs at She can be reached at @ArtsyCraftsyMom on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest


  1. A 60th Birthday is so special and wow you guys made 60 candles!! My mom celebrated her 67th birthday this month!

    1. Thanks Sonia :) Wish your mom from my side too :)