Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Crafty Bird Cage

Hello Folks!!! Today we are excited to make a crafty bird cage which you could either hang  in your balcony this summer or keep it indoors & enhance your home décor! This cage has a rustic look. The best part about this is that this is a low or a no maintenance bird cage as it only has a mock bling bird!

Things required:
Chipboard 2mm
Bronze Colour- Acrylic paint
Flower making wire
Flower Stem with pollen
Pollen bunch
Bling Bird model
Handmade Paper Flowers
Flower making wire- Thick

To make Bird Cage-
Step 1: Mark a circle on the chipboard (depending on the size of cage you want to make) and cut along the line.
Step 2: Paint the chip board in bronze colour, punch eight holes on the chipboard.

Step 3: Bend the wire at the centre to make U shape. Insert the U shaped wire to the opposite holes on the chipboard and twist it using a plier, to make a loop. You will need eight such ‘U’ shaped wires to complete the cage.

Step 4: Wind the flower making stem around the cage and on top of the cage to hold the cage together. Completed cage will look as shown. Paint the wire in bronze colour to give a vintage look.
Step 5: Place the bird in the cage 

Step6: Arrange and wind the ready pollens and flowers around the cage, as shown. Tie a thread or wire to the top of the bird cage, to hang it. 
Beautiful vintage Bird cage is ready to hang in your garden, room or balcony.

Link for supplies:


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