Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Passport Holder - With Love

Fellow Crafters,

This is Remya here and today, we would have a look into a crafty Passport Holder. 

While you are on travel, one thing that you do not want to miss is your Passport - the only document to prove your existence outside your motherland. You may also want to keep it very safe. Have seen lot of people trying many ideas to make sure that you don"t miss your Passport - right from a passport cover till keeping the passport in bag hanging around ones neck. This gave me an idea to create some thing unique - Passport holder - With Love. How pleasing it would be if you carry your proof of identity in a holder hand made by you. Here the Passport Holder has been made with nothing but Pattern Paper & Cardstock

Cutting to the chase, lets discuss on how to make it.

Step by Step Procedure

All starts with the Cardstock which is going to be your basic raw materiel in this project. As a first step we need to create the base of the Passport Holder. Cut a Cardstock measuring 8 x 5.75 inches - detailed measurements marked in the picture

Then comes the inner pocket for the holder for sliding the start and end pages of your passport. For the inner pocket cut two Cardstock measuring 1.75 x 5.75 inches

Since the inside of the pockets would also be visible in this project, before attaching the inner pockets paste pattern paper on the side using Silicon glue. It adds to the beauty and brings in a completeness !  

Unlike the usual CAUTION Message, this time couple of words on the Silicon glue
With the vast supply of adhesives available, silicone adhesives stand out. It offers flexibility and the being bottled with high nozzle , making them idle for application on any surface without getting messy and has a delayed hardening time which helps you do minor alterations to your plan if it does not get executed as expected.

Once the interiors are done , time to work upon the external beauty of this passport holder. Used Pattern papers from the Mixed company paper stack to decorate the front and rear flaps !! I would suggest to pep up your creative mind to identify which Pattern Paper suits your style and likes. I chose denim pattern for mine here.

Once the Pattern Papers are stuck on to the card stock, we would obviously have to start decoration of the pages. Decorated the front flap using some gorgeous Itsy Bitsy embellishments like tags, flowers, Epoxy stickers and a cute little button too. I love the simplicity it exudes by itself. Moreover, since this is a Passport Holder and would be frequently used when you are travelling, we should chose the embellishments which may not get damaged with frequent usage.

A Passport and Passport Holder would be connected to lot of good things and may be a gateway for some fond memories, all of which, would be very dear to you and close to your heart. If you were planning to gift this to a friend or acquaintance, you may not want to gift am empty holder. Here I have made a cute card with pattern papers stuck on to the Cardstock, which measures a tad higher than the size of the Passport front page - 5.5 x 3.75 inches. Have used the Epoxy Stickers and some ribbon along with some self adhesive beads to enhance the beauty of the card.

Passport sits cosy inside the holder along with this sweet little card.

A few more snaps of this Passport Holder

Hope you enjoyed this !!

Happy Crafting !!


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  1. Such an awesome creation and useful too !! Thanks for the tutorial will give this a try !

    1. Thank you !! Would love to see your passport holder !!

  2. These are so beautiful, Remya! Love the embellishing. They look so elegant !

  3. Lovely...will house my passport also in smthn inpired from ur easy tut...

  4. Sure a wonderful idea of carrying passport in such a beautiful case... I ll definitely try this... Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  5. Wow...this looks so beautiful Remya...nice idea...

  6. This is gorgeous Remya! Loved the denim-like cover!