Thursday, November 17, 2016

Crafter in The Spotlight 24- Itsy Bitsy

Hello friends!! Itsy Bitsy brings you "CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT" – a unique way of encouraging and appreciating the talented crafters. We recognize talented crafters week after week, turn the spotlight on them & feature them in our "CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT"! We love what you talented crafters create & are amazed at each of your unique creations every single day! We love the way you use Itsy Bitsy products & give life to those products.

Hello Crafter friends, I am delighted to introduce & feature yet another Crafter this week! This week’s crafter in the Spotlight for November 2016 is “RITU AGRAWAL”! A software engineer with a full time job & 2 young kids, this versatile & talented crafter is so passionate about crafting that she juggles & struggles, yet manages to do what she loves most, “ Crafting” ! J

Decoupage & Mixed Media are her current favourites. Ritu who finds solace & peace in crafting , wishes to spread love through her awesome creations! Her favourite quote, how would she contribute to crafting world if she had magical powers?? To know all these & more about her exciting journey, please read the interview & leave your comments for her.

Here are excerpts of my interview with Ritu :

Rashmi Closepet, MD, Itsy Bitsy : Tell us a bit about yourself & your background?
Ritu Agrawal  : Thank you Itsy Bitsy for such an honour! It has just added feather to my crafty wings. I now believe in the theory of universe conspiring to get your wish fulfilled ;-)

Ok, so I am a software engineer with full time job and mother of two young kids. Craft has been a passionate hobby for me since the time I can remember. It might have taken backstage at some point of time but I have never left it ever. I have had loads of craft stuff always. My association with Itsy Bitsy goes back to 2009. I still have some supplies from your online store since that time (and the lovely free gifts too :-), it makes our day!!). I like learning new things and implementing them in my creations. Although I have to juggle with lots of things at one time still it’s the passion for craft which keeps me going and I somehow find time from my schedule to do what I enjoy doing most. I can see the interest has been passed on to my daughter now which is again a great source of happiness :-)

RC: How did you get into crafting?
RA: I have been crafting since a very young age. I used to make cards when in school and I do not remember buying cards from market ever. Then there were not many options and tools as we get today. It had been a passion right from the beginning.

RCWhat is your favorite type of craft?
RA:  I like many things when it comes to art and craft. My recent hangover is on Decoupage and Mixed media. I just can’t get enough of it and keep falling in love with the art every day. Other than that I am very enthusiastic about painting.

RC: What are your favorite products at Itsy Bitsy?
RA: Itsy bitsy drives me crazy :-). Such huge range of products is why I get lost every time I pass by the store. I loose account of time and money when in Itsy Bitsy. My house keeps getting flooded with the deliveries of orders from the online store. I like huge range of papers, embellishments’ and the latest splash colors etc.

RC: If you had magic powers, how would you contribute to the Crafting world?
RA: If I had some magical powers, I would make every individual aware of the beautiful world of art and craft. The immense beauty it holds and make them realize the hard work it takes to build every piece so they would value it more.

RC: Your prized possession in your craft stash from Itsy Bitsy?
RA:  All the stamps and embellishments I have from itsy bitsy are my prized possession. My latest fancy is the Big Shot die cut machine from the store.

RC: How would you describe your style of crafting?
RA: I believe in taking inspirations from small things in life. It can be a thought, a situation or any visual. I try to express those in my art. I hope my creations brighten up the spirit of space and spread love.

RC: How do you organize your time for crafting?
RA: Oh that’s a very good and relevant question. Considering the fact that I have a day job and two little ones at home it is really difficult to find time. This is the most frequently asked question to me when I come up with some new creation of mine. To answer that I would say the passion for craft keeps me going. I find solace and peace when I craft. I am in touch with myself with craft and so it has certain therapeutic effect and is a huge stress buster. This would also mean less sleep or sometimes 20 hrs work in a day…it still feels worthwhile as it is not a task but a pleasure.

RC: Tips for people who want to craft?
RA: There is no right or wrong in craft. As long as it comes from within and you enjoy doing it you are on right path. Just keep following your heart and keep doing it. Recognition, perfection, confidence etc. etc.  will follow automatically.

RC: Your all -time favorite quote?
RA:  I believe in living life to fullest. Break all barriers and live life king size.

Here is a gorgeous project by Ritu & step by step description :

Project: Behind the scenes Technique:

1. I took a mini canvas and base coated with gesso. I used modelling paste and stencils to create background textures.

2. I used spray paints to create effects in background after the base was dried.
3.Then used some metallic paints here and there until I got the desired effect.

4. I stamped using archival ink on top, just a little to giving some more effect. Our canvas is now ready for some more decoration.
5. I used stamps from itsy bitsy to create embellishments (figurine and leaves). And fences from the store, painted in white gesso. 
 6. For creating embellishment from stamp, I stamped on card stock and painted it using distress inks and brush. Then cut and use glue dot adhesive to give it dimension when sticking on base board.

7. Then arranged all embellishment on the canvas base I created.

Here is what it looks like :-)
Hope you enjoyed the post!! Thanks J

Supplies used:
Small Canvas
Modelling Paste
Brick Stencil
Irregular Dot Stencil
White Gesso
Archival Inks
Metallic Paints
Adhesive dots
Fence chipboard
Distresss inks

Here are a couple of Ritu's other awesome creations:

Many congrats Ritu for being the CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ITSY BITSY
You will receive Rs.500/- Itsy Bitsy gift voucher :-) :-) & a Crafter in the Spotlight badge, which can be proudly displayed on the side bar of your blog and other platforms. Looking forward to many more creations, Happy Crafting!