Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DIY Hexagon Wall Shelf with Popsicle sticks and Chalk paint

Hello crafters! Angela here again with yet another tutorial. This should be one of the easiest and coolest project for your home.

Liked them ? Then this tutorial is for you to try these out :) Best part is these are simple, minimalistic, chic and I love this color combination. All the supplies are from Itsy Bitsy store and they are tagged at the end of this post in case you want to purchase them for your project.

The main product used in making these hexagon shelf are these humble Popsicle sticks. Ice cream sticks remind me a lot about my childhood days when we used them often for school projects! Itsy Bitsy has a huge collection of Popsicle sticks in natural and varied colors. I picked up a pack in indigo and another one in natural shade. You can decide on any shape for these wall shelves and I think triangles and hexagons are the easiest and these two shapes will allow you to stack them easily in a perfect mesh.

Once I decided I was going to make a hexagon, I drew an outline of the shape on paper to get the hexagons correctly. Take your compass, measure the length of your Popsicle and draw a circle with the same radius. Starting from a random point on this circle, keep marking points at same length your radius on the circle and finally join them using a ruler to form the hexagon.

The base layer of your wall shelf is important as your entire shelf will build up in the same shape as this, so take time in securing it correctly. Place three ice cream sticks on the hexagon like this, leaving one edge in between.

Silicon glue worked just perfect to stick these stick together strongly. Put small drops of glue at the edges of these sticks and place another three sets of stick along the gaps but make sure they are in line with the hexagon outline you made on the paper.

While the glue is still wet, you can adjust the sticks to get the perfect hexagon shape. Wait for it to dry, which usually takes 10-15 minutes, so that the base shape is set properly. Now you can build over it by sticking the sticks in the same way as before, 3 sticks in a layer. I used approximately 100 for one single shelf, they were of width just enough to hold small items. This is how the final shelf looks like after all the layers are put in place. I made one shelf with indigo and two in natural but I wanted to have them in a gold blue color palette so I painted the natural ones.

The sky blue shade is painted with Itsy Bitsy's recently launched chalk paint, in Frozen Ice shade.

Since my background was already in a light shade, I did not use any base coat but if you need to, the white chalk paint will be perfect. The chalk paint come in bottles of 60ml and here is the complete set of shades you can choose from.

The paints are generally thick and are water based so you can dilute them with water depending on the kind of finish that you are looking for. I diluted the paints a bit for ease of brush movement and here is how the finished one looked like with one coat.

I also painted the side layers with the same shade and I did a couple of brush strokes to cover the entire area.

This shade of blue looked lovely and only a touch of gold was pending in the whole project. I painted the final wall shelf with gold spray paint and added a final glittery touch by giving a coat of Mont Marte gold glitter paint over it.

Here is the final color combination that I arrived at. I think gold goes with everything and I love how versatile they are!
I added these handmade Ocean Mist flowers from Itsybitsy on one of the shelves to add a little more detail. These shelves are functional so don't overload with accessories but if they are for ornamental purpose, you can add a lot more detail with more flowers, fillers. ribbons etc.
These flowers, they have a little glitter and shimmer and they went very well with my blue chalk paint. More pictures of the beautiful flowers.

I made these little hooks using flower making wires at the top of the shelves for hanging them. I hope you liked these shelves and you would also try them out. The supplies list are simple and they are easy to make as well. Oh my daughter found the perfect use of these shelves during the photo shoot :)

Supplies used :


  1. That's gorgeous.. I am just loving these.. So adorable :)
    What is the length of these sticks?

  2. beautiful and functional, love the geometry and clean lines/colors of your project Angela !! the flowers add just the right touch of oomph factor <3

  3. Lovely creation 😊 Angela Jose now this is surely something I will want to make , my sonny boy is all excited about it 😊

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  5. Such a lovely, easy to make DIY project!