Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Chart for School with the Itsy Bitsy 3D Stickers

My son is 4 years old is currently learning about living things and non-living things in school. He came home the other day asking that I make a chart for his class regarding this subject as he wanted to share some pearls of wisdom with his little 4 year old classmates. It was a convenient coincidence that Itsy Bitsy currently has a 20% discount offer on all their 3D stickers! Hurray!! I rushed off to the Itsy Bitsy store and picked up about 10 varieties and pretty soon Dhruv's chart was ready. 

I made the size compact and convenient - 12" by 12" - so that my son could hold it up and explain the different elements with ease. I cut some grass from punch paper along with trees, clouds and a road which formed the background the chart. Then I packed it with different 3d stickers that depicted living and non living things. Here are a couple of closeups. 

I love these little houses, not to mention the traffic signal. Isn't it adorable! And how about these cuddly cows, the coordinated fence and the cute little dinosaur. As you can see I really had a blast with this project!

We thought we'd take the presentation further by introducing an interactive element. After all these are 4 year olds and how often do you see a 4 year old listening intently to a speech. So on the reverse side of the chart, I added some stickers in a grid which would serve as a quiz. After Dhruv gave his spiel about all the living and non living things, he would flip the chart around and then ask his friends what category each of the remaining items fell under.  Here's the quiz side - a simple grid of stickers with a washi tape border. 

The whole presentation was a big hit. Dhruv did a fabulous job presenting to his class so much so that his teacher asked him to present it in the next morning's assembly. I was tickled pink! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your child shining in his environment and with these adorable stickers from Itsy Bitsy, he had a fabulous chart to help in his presentation.

Are you a chart maker? Would love to see your creations. Leave a comment and tell all! Will be sure to drop by!

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  1. love this Sunehra, esp the Dinosaur amidst the cows :)

  2. Wow..very nice one...i too have posted some charts which I have done for my son...

  3. cute project & presentation sunehra, the dino is so cute, Dhruv must be excited on his honours at school

  4. waoh sunehra , lovely creation n its filling me with loads of ideas :)
    what a coincidence my son is also "dhruv"