Monday, June 24, 2013

Pom Pom Caterpillars

What do you do when your kids announce on a lazy Sunday afternoon that they are bored and can't go out because its raining? I sure have struggled with an answer on most days. The easiest way to keep my daughter ( and very often her friends) occupied is with a simple craft activity. That's why I love it when ItsyBitsy sends me a bag full of goodies every once in a while. To make these cute creepy crawly caterpillars, you'll need

  1. Foam sheets in assorted colours
  2. Pom poms - In 2 sizes - Large & small. 
  3. Pipe cleaners 
  4. Foam circle cutouts in various colours
  5. Craft stickers 
  6. Straws
  7. Strong Glue - like fevicol / glue gun. 
  8. Googly Eyes
  9. Single hole punch
  10. Scissors

To make, 

First Make sure you have all materials on hand. To make one caterpillar we need 1 foam sheet, 1 large pom pom, 3 small pom poms ( one for nose & two for the antennae) , 2 googly eyes, 1 pipe-cleaner for the antenna, One straw for the body. 

Using scissors, roughly cut the foam sheet into long strips about 2 inches wide. We cut along the long edge of an A4 foam sheet. 

Then we did an accordion fold along the velvety edge and pressed really hard to form a zig zag shape. Then we used a single punch to make holes through each fold to string the straw in.  

At home we strung a pipecleaner through the holes as it was tough for the kids to string in a straw. But you can try whichever is easier for your kid.

We first stuck the big pom pom as the face. Added a nose & googly eyes. Then we twisted a pipe cleaner as an antenna. Stuck two pom poms atop the antenna and then stickers on the back. You can modify as you wish. Use pom poms instead of stickers. 

Hope you enjoyed this simple craft and will try out more options. Do check out the blog for more such ideas. Also, don't forget to leave a comment here with suggestions. I would love to get your feedback.