Friday, June 20, 2014

TGIF with Pooja - Cleaning your stamps

Hello lovely readers !
Its time for another TGIF segment with me Pooja !
Well hope you are practising some stamping on your cards or paper crafting projects 
since my last video. 
As promised last fortnight , i am showing you some 
Stamp cleaning hacks 

Again this video is for Beginners at stamping.  

Just a recap 
You can temporarily clean your stamps with 

1. Baby wipes - Alcohol free **
Photo credits - Johnsons baby

2. Water misting - Use paper towels  or a soft cloth after misting.

But the Best way to clean your stamps would be
Stamp cleaners
Stamp-cleaner-ranger - Dauber style
How to use - 
Just dab the stamp cleaner solution on to your unclean stamp and wipe with tissue or a soft cloth.

Ranger-water-based-stamp-cleaner- Spray style
How to use - Just spray your water based cleaner directly on to the stamp and clean them with a cloth quickly.

Use a stamp cleaning scrubby pad , spray your stamp cleaning solution on the scrubby pad and just wipe your stamp on it once you have done stamping.

Both these stamp cleaners are available at very affordable rates at the Itsy bitsy Store !

For any more Questions Please comment below I will answer asap.

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