Friday, May 29, 2015

Starters Guide: Premium quilling strips!!!

Hi folks,

 This is Dr.M V Pratyusha from Pratvam Progs. I am a dentist by profession and a love crafting in my free time, which now is mostly the weekends as my postgraduate studies is keeping me busy.
It was really great, when I was contacted by Itsy Bitsy to try their new premium quilling strips. I said “yes” instantaneously.

 Before I jump into reviewing the new premium range of quilling strips, let me tell you that I am big buyer of itsy bitsy quilling strips since they started the range and for my quilling strips stash they are my one stop solution. I loved the strips as they were made from real good quality paper. But the only problem with the normal strips range was that they were not of uniform quality i.e there were some strips that would be made from a higher GSM paper and some were made of lower GSM.
But yes improvement is constant and thus Itsy Bitsy has come up with their new range of premium quilling strips under the quilling essentials banner.

                              My first impressions of the Premium strips: Excellent quality which is uniform. The thickness of 80 GSM is maintained all through the range of strips. I love the colours. Even when kept in sunlight for a few days the colour didn’t fade. The strips that I received were of 11.25 inches of 1,2 and 3mm widths 50 strips in a pack. The length of 2 and 3mm strips has been increased and the quantity also has been increased in the present new packaging. The 1mm strips remain 11.25 inches in length though due to manufacturing constraints.

These strips can be used for quillography as well, after doubling up on the strip which is quite easy. Doubling up of the strips can be done by using Glue along the length of one strip and then placing the other strip on top of it and then pressing them. Left aside for 5mins, the strips can be used for typography.

I am sure you all will love the new range of strips. Why don’t you give it a try? You can order them online at or just walk in to a store nearby.

Here are a few sneak peak’s into the projects I made using the premium quality strips. Do come back to look at the finished projects.

Here’s thanking Itsy bitsy for trusting me and being patient with me J

Will be back with my projects soon :) 

Disclaimer- This is my personal opinion and is in no way influenced by anyone. Itsy bitsy sent samples for try out only. Unless stated, all photos are the work of Pratyusha and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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