Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mother's love- Project 2

Hey ppl,

This is Dr. M V Pratyusha here from Pratvam Progs.

Today I will be sharing a project that is completely done using the 1mm quilling strips and few 3mm quilling strips from the new premium quilling range of strips from itsy bitsy.

It is a canvas project. The dimensions of the canvas are 5x7 inches. The background is coloured using poster colours- peacock blue, deep green and yellow ochre. I then gave it a coat of Monte Marte gloss medium to seal the background colours as I had used poster colours.

I have used 2 colours the red and the pink to make the petals of the flower. The bigger blossoms are made from pink colour 1mm strips by sticking 6 strips together to make a single petal. As I had already mentioned that due to manufacturing constraints the length of the strips will remain 11 inches coz of which 2 packs of 50 strips yielded me 7 big size flowers. For the small red flowers I cut a single strip into two and used to make one petal with each half.

               The stem for the tree is made from 3mm quilling quilling strips (coffee brown).

Then I added the Quote which is  "Fragrance of mother's love, beautiful and silent as the flower's".


 And tada here's the finished project.

 I loved working with the 1mm strips and they are really addictive to work with. Hope you all give them a try.
In case of any queries do drop then in the comment section or ping on facebook.

Would love to hear what you ppl think of this project!!! :)
Would like to thank Itsy bitsy for giving me this opportunity :) 

Hope to be back soon,

Till Then,
Keep Crafting :)

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