Monday, July 4, 2016

Galvanized Pail Favors

Fellow Crafters,

Remya back on a Monday morning. Hope you all had a great refreshing weekend. Its July and we have already crossed into the second half of 2016.

You would have faced a situation where you had difficulties in finding a gifting option to your near and dear where you wanted to have a product of yours - beyond a decorative item gifted. I have faced this multiple times.

Here below is something that I made using Galvanized Metal Bucket. Also have attempted to depict the usage of We R Memory Keepers Crop-a-Dile usage beyond paper and card stock.

Here below is the "Galvanized Pail Favor" which I made over this weekend.

Step 1

As in any media, getting the product ready for "Decoupage" is necessary. So gave a few generous coats of White Gesso on my substrate. 

Step 2

Decided on the Decoupage Paper to be used. Glued it on to the Galvanized Metal Bucket using Decoupage Glue - Matt

Step 3

Gave a coat of acrylic yellow green shade inside the Galvanized Metal Bucket
The heart shaped cut on the Galvanized Metal Bucket along with the green paint inside gives you am illusion of a cardstock stuck on to it. Looks tricky ?

Step 4

Once the paint and glue dried,made 3/16" sized holes which were spaced 1.5" apartBack with Eyelets to reinforce the holes and give a contrasting color to the combo.

You may think of punching holes first into the substrate first and then proceeding further. But would always recommend to punch the holes after the paper has dried up to avoid paper peeling off at the holes.

Step 5

Decorated the product with some flowers - This I would leave it open for your ideas and taste. I used Silicon Glue to stick embellishments on to metal base. You can also give a three dimensional effect to the project (if not already one) by increasing the quantity of the Silicon Glue.

The Final Product can be used as favors , decoration set, indoor planters, Candle holders and what not ! Let your creativity go wild ! 

Materials Used.
  1. Galvanized Metal Bucket
  2. White Gesso
  3. Decoupage Paper
  4. Decoupage Glue - Matt
  5. Acrylic yellow green
  6. We R Memory Keepers Crop-a-Dile
  7. Eyelets
  8. Satin ribbon
  9. Flowers - 1
  10. Flowers - 2
  11. Floral Brads
  12. Pollen
  13. Silicon Glue
Another Crop-a-Dile project and some of its best practices are here in my previous Itsy Bitsy tutorial.

Happy Crafting !!