Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Festive Gift hamper

Hello friends ,

Its October and its festival time Diwali , Halloween all make way to our homes. It brings with it the joy of giving gift , favors to your near and dear ones. What better than to give away hand made ones and make them feel special . I have today a few favor boxes which can be used for the same.

Pillow boxes is one which always catch my fancy. 

I have made this using Craft brown Paper Cylinder Itsy Bitsy. Its so sturdy that the gifts packed in it will remain unaffected during transit . Itsy bitsy has a huge variety in terms of size too. Once I decided on to the length and size of the cylinder, covered it with lovely pattern paper. Yes you will not fall short of choices at Itsy Bitsy for the same. Pinch the sides of the cylinder towards the interior as shown. 

Do the same for both sides. The substrate being sturdy you may find it difficult but  not impossible. Wrap your gift and place it inside. Tie a dainty ribbon along and place your wishes or flowers to make it special .

Halloween reminds me of trick or treat. So , I wanted to make a candy favor bag. But can a Craft brown Paper Cylinder be converted into it. Well Yes! Join the edges of the cylinder at one end as shown using Silicon glue. 

Punch holes on the two sides on the other end. Tie ribbons and we have a cute little candy favor bag to play trick or treat who come along your doors.

Hope you enjoyed this little party favors. Waiting to see your creations.

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  1. very nice ideas :) great for giving gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved d jeans effect...perfect as little gift packaging

  3. I loved d jeans effect...perfect as little gift packaging

  4. Awesome ideas to make unique gifts!