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Crafter in The Spotlight 29 - Itsy Bitsy

Hello Crafty Folks, I am back again to introduce & feature yet another talented Crafter this week! ๐Ÿ˜Š This week’s crafter in the Spotlight for December 2016 is “Gouri Babshet”๐Ÿ˜Š ! Formerly an IT professional, this techie now prefers crafting to computers, a love that started when she was barely 10!๐Ÿ˜Š

Gauri fondly remembers the store she first bought her craft supplies from (any guesses, yes Itsy Bitsy)๐Ÿ˜Š! Cards, Flip Books, Mini Albums, Doodling are on the top of her long list of favourite crafts. Cute, Clean & simple seems to be her style!

What really inspires Gouri, her tips for fellow crafters, her favourite quote, how would she contribute to crafting world if she had magical powers ?? To know all these & to know more about her interesting journey & to see a tutorial on a creative, please read the interview & leave your comments for her. 

Here are excerpts of my interview with Gouri Babshet:

Rashmi Closepet, MD, Itsy Bitsy : Tell us a bit about yourself & your background? 
Gouri Babshet : Thank you so much Rashmi and team Itsy Bitsy for this recognition and a wonderful opportunity to showcase my projects. I was so overwhelmed when i got a call from you as this is the first store I bought my craft supplies from and always when I walk into this store i am lost just looking at the amazing products and end up buying more than my budget just because they are so pretty and cannot resist that feeling of hoarding all that pretty crafty stuff๐Ÿ˜†.
I was an IT professional for four years and now a full time homemaker and a mother to a four year old daughter. As a child i always loved drawing and doodled behind all my notebooks during those boring lectures. I remember when i was 10, saving every penny to buy a set of sparkle tubes that i loved to outline my drawings. I love gifting handmade cards and gifts with a little hand written notes as they are the best way to convey my feelings to my loved ones.

RC: How did you get into crafting?
GB: It was only after I quit my job and had all the time in this world to think what I could love doing if not working and staring into the computer all day. I stumbled upon on quilled flower on my friends blog and I fell in love with how a simple paper strip could be turned into an intricate design and then got introduced to this whole new world of crafting and blogging. Since then its been two years of happy crafting and sharing. And if it wasn't my hubby who always believed, supported and encouraged me, helped fill my stash๐Ÿ˜† just because it made me happy, i wouldn't be crafting at all!

RCWhat is your favorite type of craft?
GBI love paper crafting, making cards, Flip books, Mini albums, Wooden name plaques, Altering art, Doodling and the list goes on. There is so much out there to learn that this lifetime is not enough. And Itsy Bitsy is one of the wonderful platforms where budding crafters like me could get the inspiration from. 

RC: What are your favorite products at Itsy Bitsy?
GBI love Itsy Bitsy flowers, 3d embellishments, Chipboard elements, Stamps and the list is endless as there are wide range of other hobby related stuff also and one can easily pick up any hobby at Itsy Bitsy. 

RC: If you had magic powers, how would you contribute to the Crafting world?
GBWhoa!! How i wish i could wave my magic wand and acquire almost any skill to make new crafts and teach all those craft enthusiasts and help them take that plunge into crafting and experience this beautiful world of creating.

RC: Your prized possession in your craft stash from Itsy Bitsy?
GBI fill up my embellishments stash from Itsy Bitsy. 3d embellies and Silicon glue is my new found love, you won't believe I repaired my hubbys headphones and cars side view mirror with it. Its amazing, i recently bought my third bottle. 

RC: How would you describe your style of crafting?
GBI don't have a particular style but i like giving vintage look to my projects. None of my projects are complete without flowers I am obsessed with them. I like layers and textures on my projects.

RC: How do you organize your time for crafting?
GBHahaha.. don't have a particular time to craft. In between all my chores I manage to get a little time to craft that too along with my little one and that comes with sacrificing few papers, colours and tiny stamps.

RC: Tips for people who want to craft?
GBFor newbies I would like to say that listen to your heart and do what you love. Just start doing it and then practice practice and practice eventually you will get better and better. There is nothing like the feeling when you plan a project and it actually turns out more beautiful than you planned.

RC: Your all -time favorite quote?
GBMy all time favourite quote being "The expert in anything was once a beginner". That's what i keep reminding myself๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Here is a gorgeous project by Gouri & step by step description :

The process of making this beautiful decor wooden plaque. 
Started with a raw MDF plaque 12*5inches. Gessoed the entire plaque. And coloured with yellow and flesh tint acrylic paints. Fussy cut flowers from paper pack and used Itsy Bitsy Decoupage glue to adhere the Pattern papers on the plaques, covered it with a coat of Decoupage glue. Used Itsy Bitsy Texture stamps to give another layer on the plaque.

Next prepared the Itsy Bitsy Chipboard elements, Flower twigs and Cage with Distress inks and Clear embossed with Clear Embossing powder to give some dimension. Ahh I love those chippies. Adhered those at places i wanted using Silicon glue!!! How Perfect.. Added Chipboard letters and finished with another layer of Decoupage glue.. And there it is a simple MDF plaque turned into a home decor using Itsy Bitsy products i love. 

Here are a couple of Gouri’s other awesome creations:

Many congrats Gouri for being the CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ITSY BITSY

You will receive Rs.500/- Itsy Bitsy gift voucher ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š & a Crafter in the Spotlight badge, which can be proudly displayed on the side bar of your blog and other platforms. Looking forward to many more creations, Happy Crafting!

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