Monday, December 12, 2016

Deco Decor

Gopi here and I'm back with Decoupage my new obsession...
Decoupage can be done on a large variety of surfaces like wood, glass, metal, fabric, etc etc.... It is one of the way to alter things and also one of the way to create beautiful Home Decor articles.
Today's post is about creating some home decor articles... All the articles created are out of a single piece of decoupage napkin.
So let's get started....

Altered Wine Bottle

To begin with, I submerge the wine bottle in hot water for few hours and then scrubbed the label off it making sure no residues are left.

There after I selected my decoupage napkin and accordingly selected the base colour for the wine bottle. I have used Zebra stripes and white gesso. Apply 2 coats of white gesso making sure each layer of gesso dries perfectly well before the next coat.

Next I gave 2 coats of Itsy Bitsy's Decoupage Glue Matte using a wash brush again making sure each layer was dried well before the next one.

Then I cut the decoupage napkin to a desired size and peeled off the top ply. Using a damp sponge slowly started adhering the napkin to the bottle.

For the neck and bottom of the bottle I have wound the White Twisted cord .

At last I carefully applied 2 more coats of decoupage glue, only on the napkin, to finally seal it.

Then using the brick stencil and Modelling paste I gave a texture on the napkin area. Finally, I embellished the bottle using white lace, adhesive pearls and Blanche Carnation flower collection.

Pillar Candle

Decoupage on candles is very easy and fast but tricky too. Firstly out of the remaining piece I cut the decoupage napkin to the desired size. Candle decoupage is easy and fast as there are not coats of glue to be applied. Using a heat gun I started adhering the napkin to the candle. Now comes the tricky part. The heat from the heat gun has to be maintained otherwise the candle will start deforming. So I started by heating a particular patch. The moment the wax melts the napkin changes colour as being wet. Thats when with my finger I rub the napkin to fix it with the melting wax. Keep doing this in small patches till the entire napkin is adhered.

See the colour difference at the bottom part of the candle
Once the candle is covered with the napkin I embellished it with white twisted cordwhite lace, adhesive pearls and Blanche Carnation flower collection.

And the candle is ready...


The last article to this home decor set is a Canvas.
To start with I gave a generous coat of gesso to the canves and let dry.
Meanwhile, using the newly released Lamour paper pack I created the center part of the canvas. Using a wet paint brush I outlined the patch. Use good amount of water and let it seep into the paper. Then start tearing from the wet edges. This will give a fibrous edge which will help in merging the piece to the canvas well

Once this was done I applied 2 coats of Decoupage glue. After the glue was completely dry, I adhered the remaining pieces of the decoupage napkin to the canvas as desired with the help of a damp sponge. Then applied the same glue on the back of the pattern paper and stuck it in the center of the canvas.
Finally applied a generous coat of decoupage glue to the entire canvas to seal the napkin and center patch. Don't worry about any air bubble forming. it will settle on dry.

Once the entire canvas was dry I gave it a texture using the brick stencil and Modelling paste

Thats how the entire home decor set was created!!!

For some more decoupage inspirations you can check my previous post here.

Hope u had the same fun reading this long post as much as I had creating these articles.

Supplies Used:

1. Wine Bottle, Pillar Candle (from my Stash)
2. Canvas
14. Heat Gun

And the final click...

 Happy crafting!!!