Monday, June 4, 2012

Card Making Never Got Easier!

I am not an expert crafter and can call myself a novice at best. I am often times at a complete loss when I see the wide range of craft supplies out there. So when I had the opportunity to sit down with a pro from Itsy Bitsy, I grabbed it. Card Making was the order of the day and I continue to be amazed at how a simple hand made paper card can be transformed into a truly exquisite creation using a few accents and embellishments.

Materials Used for the Card Making Project

I am happy to say that you don't need to spend a fortune obtaining supplies for a single card. Just a few accents to add personality and dimension to the card.

Putting Together the Card

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. We wanted something intricate, complex and pretty all at once. We started with a simple Handmade Paper Card and glued some Retroglam Glitter Paper on it. 

Then to add a delicate girly look, we glued on Ornate Chipboard Borders on the top and bottom. Chipboard borders - didn't know what those were but now they are my new best friend.

The next step was a space for the sentiment. For this we used another piece of handmade card, held in place by some double sided tape. I find double sided tape is a great way to add dimension to an otherwise single layer card.

An Embossed Tag was used for the sentiment and to add a little more oomph, it was placed on a piece of card, embellished with a gentle rouge border. The border was creativity at its best! Our craftsman dipped a tissue on a pink Ink Stamp Pad and dabbed it around the card. Voila!

The card was almost ready. It was time for some detailing. Using some exquisite craft flowers from Itsy Bitsy's new Symphony Flowers range, we created texture and style to the project. We used Itsy Bitsy Scrapbooking Glue and I have to say, it really binds everything perfectly

Passion flowers on the corners and daisies on side were the ideal accents. These flowers not only looked realistic, they felt that way too. I wouldn't have stopped had it not been for the expert crafter by my side who reminded me that too much would be exactly that - Too Much!

A few pearl stickers to add some polish and the craft project was complete. Wow! Haven't seen anything like this before and can't wait to get started on a project of my own.


  1. lovely card:)
    do drop in

    1. Thanks Sharada, will drop by your blog very soon.

  2. Lovely card.. I am so happy to see this new initiative by Itsy Bitsy... Keep it coming.. Thank you...!

    1. Thanks Priya, glad you liked it. You can look forward a lot of craft ideas from now on.

  3. I saw it personally in the shop and it's adorable :)

  4. Wow its so pretty. Love the elements too.