Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Perfect Little Craft Corner

I live in a compact apartment with just about enough space for a 9 month old baby girl, 3 year old hyper toddler boy, overworked blackberry consumed husband and full-time-mom me. So it's no wonder that I don't really have any space dedicated to my hobby - craft. I just have a spare cupboard where all my materials are shoved in using bags, boxes and other makeshift storage options. When I want to work on my projects, everything is brought to the dining table and pretty soon the house looks chaotic.

I am now starting to imagine how truly divine it would be to have a devoted craft corner. A space just for me and my stuff. Where I can peacefully work on my projects during the quiet afternoon hours when both the little monsters are asleep. I began to google the subject and came across some really inviting spaces.

The image at the top of the page for example looks so ideal. She's got a basket for all her papers, ample storage for her embellishments and knick knacks, a big wide table for working and a cute little accent shelf above. The only downside is space. Where can anyone find so much space in their existing homes?

I think this next picture is more me. A tiny compact closet space coverted into a craft corner. Plenty of little boxes for all the accessories and a fairly decent workspace area. I think that's what I'm going to  have to do with my craft cupboard. The best part of course is that the closet can just be closed and locked, safe from the curious fingers of a naughty toddler.

Now this is work area of very serious crafter! Hmmm definitely not for me (my kids would have everything on the floor in 2 seconds) but what's interesting is the storage solutions. Racks for papers, drawer for other materials, table top containers for pens and glues. Wonderful!

To all the crafters out there. What does your craft corner look like? Do you have one? Where do you keep all the oodles and oodles of materials you have? Leave a comment and tell us. 


  1. Haha!! So true. I have sumthing close to d second option...n I too have a cupboard lyk mom nvr allows my stuff outside I craft at night whn evryone is asleep..;)

    1. Good idea, I should do my crafting at night too - when the kids are in bed.

  2. Wow!! Good Post dear.. Well I loved the last picture. Yes!!! I dream for the same :) :D