Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Make Daddy Feel Special This Fathers' Day

I have a 3 year old boy and any mother of an adrenalin rushed toddler would agree - keeping the kids busy is no mean feat. So with Father's Day around the corner an after-school craft project for Papa would be perfect timepass.

We decided on making a Jigsaw Puzzle in a box.  On Fathers Day, Dhruvy would present Papa the box and help him put the pieces together to reveal a special message. Thankfully I have a pretty decent stash of craft materials from Itsy Bitsy so here's what we used.

We started with painting the puzzle pieces green. My little monster loves to get his hands dirty with paint and goo so that was fun. We left it to dry as we began work on the box.

Next I studied my craft book to figure out how to create the box and found a template that looked easy enough. I folded and Dhruv glued and pretty soon the box was done.

We now needed to embellish the box. Dhruv set to work punching stars into the paper using a super cute craft punch from Itsy Bitsy. Then he placed some fruit stickers, once again from Itsy Bitsy on the lid. It looked pretty cool, our little box.

Our green puzzle pieces were dry and it was now time to paint the special message. This I had to do myself as our little man was still early on in the reading and writing timeline.

Once the paint dried, we dismantled the puzzle and placed the pieces in the box. Dhruv really likes working with pipe cleaners so we twisted a one into a spiral to add to the box decoration.

Voila! We were done! Now the only challenge was to get him to wait 6 days before showing it to Papa!!! Arghhh!

We would love to see your children's craft creations for Fathers Day. Anything is welcome as long as you use at least 2 products from Itsy Bitsy. Contest closes midnight, Sunday June 24th 2012 and two lucky winners will get gift vouchers worth Rs. 500 from Itsy Bitsy.


  1. Hello,
    Thats a nice creation from the mom son duo!! dhruv n me too have some things done for the speacial day do drop in @

  2. Hi Sharada - I saw your blog. Lovely card and adorable little boy. Hope you are entering it into our Fathers Day challenge.
    Keep blogging and crafting!

    1. thanx sunehra ya surely i have backlined it to itsy bitsy any thing else to be done to participate??

    2. Nope that's it - thanks again

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks sweets - It never lasted till Fathers Day - the father saw it that evening. Hahah - Hyperactive toddlers

  4. :) Love your store .. This father's day i've used products from the itsy bitsy HSr store to make these Shirt cards -

    1. Great! Hope you're entering it into our Fathers Day challenge. Glad to hear you shop with us. Keep crafting