Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Girly Scrapbook Page

I've been working on a scrapbook for my friend's new born baby for a while now and I just completed the header page for the section 'Gifts, Wishes and Emails'. We all get so many wishes, on so many media congratulating us for the happy event - there's emails, cards, Facebook and presents from loved ones. So of course I had to dedicate a whole section to these receipts because years from now, it's wonderful to look back on it. Here is the page.

It's not a very busy layout. I wanted to keep it simple and pretty but at the same time very girly. I started with a base of some baby girl pattern paper designs and proceeded to add one of the amazing doilies from ItsyBitsy which I sliced at the center. Then I placed the lovely ItsyBitsy glitter alpha along this semi-circle, spelling out the title of the section. For the border, I used a gorgeous glitter border which comes with adhesive at the back so it's great to adhere in place. I added a few flowers, a string of pearls and finally some dimensional stickers to touch up the corners. Here's a look at the entire page.

To be honest I LOVE it!! Haha... Can't stop looking at it. It's right next to me as I type, and I keep glancing back at it. Scrapbooking can be SERIOUSLY fun!! So to those who haven't attempted it, it's a great way to make full use of pattern papers and that's pretty much what our challenge this month is all about!

Supplies Used:

3D Alpha Stickers
Pearl Stickers
Glitter Border 
Baby Stickers
Glitter Blooms


  1. Its awesome Sunehra!! Girly colors ans awesome patterns!!

  2. wow It is gorgeous Sunehra! I agree scrapbooking is addictive! Love the girly colors and excellent use of PP

  3. its beautiful sunehra! Scrapbboking is an addiction for sure;)

  4. its really very pretty.i m also working on the same theme for my baby. its fun.

  5. its very beautiful........a pinky way of welcoming a baby girl.......

  6. Very pretty Sunehra... It's really so much girly...