Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Decoupage Jewellery Box with Mod Podge

Deriving from the French very decouper, meaning to cut out, the craft of decoupage involves cutting and pasting cut-outs on to a surface to create a picture or a pattern. Originally intended as a form of furniture decoration it has evolved into a popular past time, greatly satisfying to the crafter. Whether you cut from specially printed decoupage designs or from other sources like napkins or magazines, the options are literally limitless and the outcome is sure to be original and one of a kind. 

I have always been interested in decoupage, numerous craft books in my stash have depicted tutorials on creating really pretty trays, frames and even tables using this fantastic form of craft. So when ItsyBitsy launched their decoupage range, I eagerly got to work. 

Decoupage begins with a blank base which you will decorate. ItsyBitsy has introduced a variety of such MDF blanks - photo frames, pen stands, tissue boxes and jewellery boxes. I was naturally drawn towards the jewellery box so that's what I chose. 

Then you can begin decorating. You can literally do anything you like. In my case, I painted the edges of the box white using some regular poster colours. Then I laid over some DCWV Decoupage distressed textured paper. This range is awesome as it is naturally distressed, perfect to go with a vintage themed project. I glued the paper in place with Mod Podge which is a decoupage glue. It works as a glue as well as a varnish.

Then I took a sheet from the DCWV Heirloom stack that was filled with vintage emblems like a chandelier, a gramophone player, Eiffel Tower and so on. I cut out each of those emblems and glued them on to my box using the same Mod Podge glue. Once everything was glued in place, I added another layer of glue all over the top of the box, over the glued down base paper and the glued down emblems. Mod Podge acts as a sealant, a varnish and a glue. 

At this stage, the decoupage part of the project is done. It was time to embellish the box and make it look a little more elaborate and detailed. I added one of the new fabric tapes as a border all over culminating in a large bow at the top edge. I also used my Tattered Floral die to make some pretty lush roses as a decoration on the lid. I used the Intricutz rose die as a flourish to continue the rose theme.

It was almost impossible to stop right there, but I forced myself to take a step back. My decoupage box was looking perfect. It was time to just let it be! I'm pretty thrilled with all the vintage elements and given this was my first real attempt at decoupage, I think it's pretty darn neat.

What do you think about my project. Are you still confused about Decoupage. Not to worry, I have done a video of how I put this box together so watch this space for all the details.

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  1. I love decoupaging, though getting mod podge is hard enough!
    The box looks really cute and old timey. I love your work Sunehra!

  2. Beautiful modification.. box looks lovely ..

  3. This looks absolutely stunning Sunehra!! Love the vintage look of the box.

  4. Your box looks just Gorgeous Sunhera ..Such beautiful decoupage and embellishing details especially flowers! ..loved it :)

  5. Such a wonderful Vintage box ! The bright colored flowers really pop on the vintage papers !

  6. Jewellery box looks quite lovely!! Had a question - the MDF blank does not have a latch/fastener, but the finished box has one. Did you add it later? Do I get this also at Itsy Bitsy?

  7. beautiful jewellery box.. thanks for sharing.

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