Friday, January 31, 2014

Peacock Craft - guest post by ArtsyCraftsyMom

For January's guest post I wanted to do something symbolic of India .. and my thoughts were drawn to the gorgeous peacock - The National Bird of India. I had made a peacock earlier with my craft class , This time though I wanted it to be more magnificent and regal ..  I searched my supplies and found a good stash of craft goodies.. 

Googly Eyes, Sparkly pipe-cleaners, Feathers  big & small , Glitter sheets, shiny sequins, Foam sheet & craft sticks.

I drew out a large 8 shaped cutout from the blue glitter sheet. It almost looks like a Bowling Pin.

Then I cut 2 metallic pipe cleaners - one Blue & one Green in half & twisted them to form feather shapes.. I made 4, you can make a few more to add depth & shine. 

Now , I took 4 large blue feathers & 2 large green feathers and stuck them onto a craft stick using a Hot glue gun. Once they set, I stuck the pipe cleaner feathers on top .. I arranged the pipe cleaners  such that they could be seen from behind the peacocks body. Keep the 8 shaped cutout on top of this and adjust accordingly. 

Now it was time to create the Peacocks body. I cut a beak shape from the foam & a piece for its head.. Stuck 2 googly eyes. I used the cuter variety. The coloured googly eyes. These have pretty eyelashes. I also had blue sequins from the ItsyBitsy Diwali sale and stuck them randomly using a glue stick. 
We also stuck 2 yellow craft sticks ( the matchstick sized ones ) as legs. The picture doesn't show it. 

I then stuck the Body on top of the feathers and our peacock was ready.. My daughter loves it and is making up her own stories with her peacock puppet. 

If  this interests you, you can also hop on over to my post on Republic Day Crafts to make with your kids. What do you think of this craft? Love it ? Hate it? Tell me what you did on the Republic Day? Did you make any India centric craft? I would love to hear from you. 

Shruti Bhat is a Software Quality Analyst by profession who mostly exercises her left brain during the day at work and her right brain takes over at home. She loves crafting with her 7 year old daughter and blogs at She can be reached at @ArtsyCraftsyMom on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest


  1. So good.... Never knew feathers can be used this way.