Friday, October 10, 2014

TGIF with Pooja – Shading with alcohol markers

Hello my friends! Hope you are having a great day!
Today I have a simple shading tutorial for you to colour with your alcohol markers!
So let’s get started 
  •   I am starting with a basic butterfly stamp.  I have stamped it on white cardstock with black pigment ink. You can find some butterfly stamps at our store here.

· Now the first step is to decide what colour you wish to use. I decided to do the butterfly in purple so I am using about 3-4 shades of purple in alcohol markers. You should use at least 3 shades to get the best results.

  • Starting with the lightest shade colour the wings following the direction of the stamp. To colour you must start closer to the body of the butterfly and make light strokes going outwards following the design. There are arrows in the above picture to show you which direction to follow. Click on the picture to make it larger.
  • N ow go one shade darker and fill the next white part of the wings with light strokes going outwards merging the lighter shade with the darker one a little.

  • The above picture shows where to start the strokes of the 2nd colour. Basically you just overlap the darker shade and the lighter shade a little bit.

  • Now fill the rest of the butterfly with one shade darker of the previous. In the end just reinforce the lightest shade near the body of the butterfly if it’s looking too light. This should blend and even out your butterfly.

Here is another one in green. I have about 4 shades in this one.
Starting with Mint, Meadow green, Lime green and finally Pear green.
For the purple I used Lavender, Lilac and Orchid.
This should give you a rough idea of how I do my butterflies.
They make some really good embellishments in need! 

Here are some of my projects you must have seen with the butterflies. 

Here I have added some brown to the body. To match it a little to the stamped image.

In this one I have used yellow in the centre and then the rest of the greens.

And here you can see the shades of blue.

So you see this is a quick and easy way to make your own butterfly embellishments!
You can try this on floral stamps too.

I hope this was fun
See you soon!



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