Monday, April 17, 2017

DIY Decoupaged Keyholder with ItsyBitsy Burlap Canvas

Hello ladies!

Welcome back to another crafty session with me - Angela :)

In my last post, I had introduced to you guys these pretty burlap canvas boards which are so versatile for use and best base for shabby/classy chic projects. Today I am back with another simple DIY using the same stretched burlap panels Itsybitsy - DIY decoupaged keyholder.

DIY Decoupaged Keyholder with ItsyBitsy Burlap Canvas

I love making minimalist DIY projects and I hope you love seeing and getting inspired from them. These DIY decoupaged key holders are just perfect addition to your home and not just key-holders, you can use the same procedure to make them as a wall frame or photo-frame as well.

Much and more has already been talked about Itsybitsy's newly launched stretched burlap panels in my previous post so dive right into the tutorial and get yourself inspired for our monthly challenge.

I started off with an 8"x8" stretched burlap panel and painted it with chalkpaint in the shade fortune cookie. The decoupage paper I had planned to use had white background with flowers all over and I wanted the colors of the flowers to be a little vivid. You can choose any light shade of paints for the background and it needn't be like totally white-washed, just a small scratchy layer of paint.

Using decoupage glue from itsybitsy, I pasted my decoupage napkin over the burlap panel. Start from one corner and start applying glue in strip of lines and not all together. Make sure you apply just little glue with brush to form a really thin layer as they tend to pile up between the burlap threads. Once you have placed the napkin on glue, with help of your fingers or a tissue paper roll, dab on them to make sure the napkin is blending and merging well with the burlap texture. If you have excess glue beneath, the napkin will start tearing off as you press them to the surface so remember to wipe off excess glue.

Once the entire panel was complete, I let it dry for a couple of hours before putting a coat of same decoupage glue all over its surface. Decoupage over burlap created an interesting output actually. It has a look of burlap due to the replication of texture over its surface , but at the same time, it is so much more versatile in the sense that you can incorporate anything into burlapy feel as long as you have it in the form of decoupage napkin :)

The rest of it are just simple arrangements of various elements to form the key hanger. I used simple round hook purchased from local hardware store to hang the burlap panel. Interesting thing is the burlap panel screws in your screws so well! Just put an initial small hole like impression and then keep twisting it like a screw and it fits well. I wanted to be extra sure so I put a small drop of silicon glue at the screw point ;)

For the hooks to hand the keys too, I used the same screws- just that I opened the hook part to hold the keys !

The rest of the area had to be used wisely and one idea I had was to put up a mirror with chipboard backgrounds but then I found these tiny chalkboard on Itsybitsy and I couldn't wait to use them here! I used the help of two corner flourish chipboards from Itsybitsy to adjust the space on the panel and the rest of the space, I though I wouldd leave aside to put up messages/notes etc.

Due to the textury nature of burlap panel, sticky notes weren't sticking well so I made these small push pins using paper flower embellishments from Itsybitsy. These flowers have sepals too which I folded on to the push pin after putting a small drop of silicon glue and secured with floral tape. To be just extra sure I tied them around with s thread :)

Pretty huh? Its amazing how you can add your handmade love to everyday things you use. I am sure we all neglect the entry way of our house and often our keys end up in handbags or dining table of showcase shelves. Try these simple keyholders and add that much needed organisation element to your home :)


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  1. Angela, this is super pretty, love the decoupage on burlap and the functional key holder, so practical and sure to beautify the entry !!

  2. This is such a beautifully project and idea! Never knew napkin will blend so well on burlap.

    1. Thanks Esha. Napkins do well with burlap but just be sure that when you apply the glue, you remove the excesses which tend to settle between the burlap threads or else the napkin will get too damp that when you press down, it might tear off.

  3. This is such a beautiful creation! Love your out of the box ideas Angela!