Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DIY Monogram frame with ItsyBitsy Burlap Panels

Hello guys! Angela back again with a simple yet classy project. This time I would like to introduce you guys to Burlap panels recently launched by Itsy Bitsy. It also also happens to be the highlight product used in my project :) I made a simple monogram frame which can be used as nursery decor, your own craft room wall decor or even you can modify the monogram part and add something else to make it more versatile. 

DIY Monogram Frame with Itsy Bitsy Burlap Panels 

Itsy Bitsy stretched burlap panels : 

They are available in two different sizes : 12"x12" and 8"x8"
These are lightweight and come as a panel of about half inch thickness.

I am not quite sure of what's inside the panel but these can be used as pin up boards also and the normal push pins go well inside.

Monogram Frame on Itsy Bisty burlap Panel

I used a 12"x12" burlap panel from ItsyBitsy as the base frame for my project. Burlap goes really well with laces, ribbon and pastel shades so I chose few pastel shades from Itsy Bitsy chalk paints to go along with my project.

I cut out a frame shape from foam a board from Itsy Bitsy. For the frame I first drew an outline on a piece of paper and traced it out on the foam board before cutting it out. For getting a symmetric shape of frame, cut out a square paper and fold it into 8 (yes a triangle) and then cut out your shape. I did a little trial and error to get the shape I desired, so you can open the folds and check every time before cutting out again to ensure you have the desired shape.

I had earlier shared a geometric lampshade with foam boards where I had explained in detail, my experience with cutting foam board. But this time since my frame had more of twists and turns, I had to adopt a different method. I took a needle ( the needle with a handle which I don't know is used for what! but I had it at home) and heated it under a candle flame before tracing over the frame border that I had drawn on the foam board. I covered small areas and again heated the needle before cutting the rest of the parts. A blade will work too but since there were small curves, a needle would be more precise. The edges wherever its little staggered can be rectified by running hot needle along those edges.

Frozen Ice my favourite blue shade from Itsy Bitsy matte acrylic chalk paints was obviously my first choice for the foam board. I applied a generous coat on the front side and the side edges and allowed it to dry completely.

In the mean time, I took these pretty chipboard shapes from Itsy Bitsy and painted them with fortune cookie shade of matte acrylic chalk paint from Itsy Bitsy. My intention was to create a swirl frame but I couldn't find a similar chipboard so I decided to club two or three chipboard shapes together to make them.

Once the paints were dry, I placed these chipboard cutouts to make a square shape just a little inside the foam board frame so that the blue background was visible on the sides. For this also, I had to arrange the chipboard on trial basis to ensure a symmetric formation. Once finalized, I marked them with a pencil on the foam board and stuck them on the foam board with silicon glue. Make sure you stick both vertical borders first and then the two horizontal ones else there are chances of a mismatch in height.

This was my initial plan but I wanted a little more detail so added a white organza ribbon on the burlap panel. I wanted them to be a part of the blue foam board frame and not make another frame totally so I placed the foam frame at the middle and marked the corners with a pencil on the burlap panel. I then placed 4 ribbons in such a way that they formed a small square with their corners overlapping the points I marked. I used sellotape to adhere these ribbons tightly to the back of the burlap panel.

Once the ribbons were placed, I applied silicon glue to the back of the painted foam board and placed it correctly on the burlap panel.

A little more detail that was missing was a lace flower, but, I did not have a wider lace to make a big enough flower to be visible on the 12"x12" panel. Instead I used the same ribbon to make a multilayered bow.

The final piece I made was a monogram cut out from a carton board. Instead, you can use MDF or chipboard alphabets or place a chalkboard to write sentiments, its totally up to you. I cut out an M ( as it was easiest to make :P) and painted it with French Rose matte acrylic paint from Itsy Bitsy. For a little highlight, I added a darker shade of the pink acrylic paint along the border and covered the whole monogram with Monte Marte gold glitter paint from the store.

I wanted the tails of the ribbon bow to flow in swirls but it would cover the monogram so I placed the monogram over pieces of thermocol to have a raised effect.

I need to add two hooks at the top to hang them but for now, its as good as ready :) Did you like this creation? I am waiting to see all your creativity with these burlap panels :) Join the Itsy Bitsy blog challenge for the month.

Happy crafting ! 
xoxo Angela

Supplies Used for Monogram Frame : 


  1. This is lovely, Angela! TFS!

  2. Love this Angela, I can't help noticing that your projects are so Geometrically precise :) proportionate and symmetrical :) is that the engineer in you ........btw...I absolutely adore Geometry as a subject and all your creations too :)

  3. Beautiful! Love the colors! Awesome way to use the burlap panel!

  4. Wow, a very interesting way of using Burlap panels! Loved it!