Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrate Diwali with some Homemade Lanterns

First off, on behalf of the entire ItsyBitsy family, here's wishing all our lovely readers, friends, fans and shoppers a very Happy Diwali! I hope it is a wonderful festival for all and that it brings all the prosperity and good fortune possible! I love lighting diyas for Diwali but often get frustrated when I find the wind has blown off all the pretty flames. So this year I started thinking how I could create something that would preserve the beauty of the flame and sustain it. Here are my creations.

This one is a pretty cube shaped lantern with an open top. Slip in the candle or diya, light it with ease and rest assured knowing that the wind cannot blow it out. And you can seriously go to town decorating it. I started with red card stock and created the cube shape. Then I cut out the sides using the Spellbinders Kaleidoscope die. I added some vellum for a semi opaque look and a few flowers made from the Tattered Flowers Die to adorn the corners. I finished off the lantern with some lovely golden bling. Isn't it lovely! Here's how it looks in the night with a diya inside. Love the warm glow!

For my next lantern project, I decided to try some yarn balls. I've seen them all over the Internet and thought it would be perfect to try them out  as a Diwali lantern. There are numerous tutorials online explaining how to do it and I strongly suggest you watch/ read them before you start. But in a nutshell, here's how you do it.

  1. Blow a large balloon a little so the shape is still round and knot it.
  2. Cover it with Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline
  3. Open out your yarn and soak it in a mixture of PVC glue and cornstarch.
  4. Then wrap the yarn randomly around the balloon.
  5. Leave to dry overnight.
  6. Next day, pop the balloons, ease it out with a tweezer and your yarn ball is ready!

Here's how it looks when a light is placed inside. I tried it with a candle but found the heat was too much and the yarn at the top started burning so NO CANDLES in the yarn ball. Instead, you can add some twinkle lights or battery operated tea lights. The effect will be really pretty and the result the same!

Did you make any Diwali lanterns this year or before? Would love to see your creations. Leave a comment and let me know! Till then - once again a very Happy Diwali!!

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  1. Beautiful lanterns Sunehra.. Happy Diwali.. :)

  2. Lovely lantern ,i loved the yarn balls too ! Wishing all the Itsy Bitsy Team Very Happy Diwali !!

  3. Happy diwali sunehra...lovely lanterns, pl do check out mine and let me know! Would love to hear ur comments.

  4. so pretty, would make great Diwali gifts.
    PS:how did you insert the tealights inside the yarn lamp?

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