Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Kids Projects with Craft Rolls

I have 2 small kids and being the crafter that I have, they are constantly asking me to make things for them. I don't think of myself of much of a kids crafter but every now and then I get inspired and create something. 

My son is turning 5 and we're throwing a Dinosaur party for him. As I hunted online for party ideas, I came across a set of craft binoculars. I thought, what an awesome project to try out and given that ItsyBitsy has a whole range of craft rolls, I figured it would be easy to accomplish too. 

I wrapped the craft rolls in a pair of jute sheets and neatened the edges with some Fabric Tape also from ItsyBitsy. Then to bring in the dinosaur theme, I stuck a pair of dinosaurs on an OHP/ transparency sheet and glued that to one end of my binoculars, so that when Dhruv looked through them, he would see a pair of T-rex's.

And here's Dhruv tripping on his new craft present. He rushed home from school, got changed at super speed (a first for him) and then was hooked to his Dino Binoculars. 

There are a variety of projects you can try out with craft rolls! The ItsyBitsy team created the patriotic rocket you see above using some long craft rolls. Perfectly apt for Republic Day right!

Larger diameter craft rolls can be used along with card board to make elaborate projects like this road roller also put together by the Itsy Bitsy team of designers. Isn't it just amazing@@@

For your little girls, you can use the craft rolls to make dollhouse furniture as I did in my dollhouse project last May. The craft rolls are cut and modified to form the required shape and voila, you've got a lovely little dining set. Check out the original post here

I also used craft rolls to make a baby cradle. It was simply sliced in half lengthy wise and then decorated with lace and embossed scallop semi circles. Check out the original post here.

Have you made anything using craft rolls? Would love to see! Leave a comment with your blog and I will be sure to drop by!


  1. Oh Dhruv is a show stealer!!! Such a precious expression

    1. OMG he totally is and now at age 5 when I tell him to smile.. he cooperates nicely!

  2. This is just sooo apt for boys...wonderful sunehra!

  3. Such fun projects Sunehra! love them all. Thank you for sharing the awesome ideas!!

  4. wow !!!! So many amazing projects !
    Love Dhruv's picture :D
    So much fun

    1. So glad you liked it Pooja!! Yes the potential of these craft rolls is extraordinary!