Monday, January 13, 2014

Going Clean and Simple with Butterflies

I wanted to do a CAS card today incorporating a new Butterfly trim I picked up from ItsyBitsy and as usual I went a little overboard. Now that it's done, I cannot honestly say my card is CAS i.e clean and simple. That said, I love how it turned out, filled with butterflies in the soft romantic hues of passionate purple. 

I used the ItsyBitsy scoreboard to create the diagonal line embossing on the left corner of the card. It's really easy, just score on the reverse side every quarter inch or half inch, as you choose.  Once you turn it back to the front, the good side will have the lines perfectly embossed. After embossing half the card, I added the felt butterfly trim from one diagonal to another as a central focus. I loved the colour, the design and the feel of this trim and since it had butterflies, I decided to incorporate a few more butterflies on the top.

For the 2 free standing butterflies, I used the Sizzix stamp and die set. This one is awesome - it comes with a set of 6 dies and complementary stamps. Just stamp on your card and them place the die over it to cut out the shape. Perfect isn't it! After stamping, I outlined the butterflies with a fine liner just to add some definition and of course folded them upwards so that there was some added dimension to the card.

Do you think my card is Clean and Simple? Would love to hear your views. Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. So pretty ! What a beautiful card! Swooning over this creation!

  2. Lovely colors sunehra and the butterflies are so cute.

  3. Beautiful card. And since I bought this very stamp & die set from Itsy Bitsy a while ago, I hope you don't mind that Ia m going to 'case' it!

  4. It's very beautiful Sunehra. Love that colour so much!

    1. I am thrilled with the colours too Jasleen so glad you liked it

  5. Very pretty card... I had recently bought the same butterfly border.. This card has inspired me to use them soon... :) Loved the technique with the scoreboard too... :)

  6. LOVE is what I can say about this card. So so elegant and enchanting.