Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Stamped Calendar - Part 2

I'm back with Part 2 of my Stamped Calendar project. Here I've done another 3 pages of the calendar. To see my previous project click here. These six pages have all been replicated for the latter half of the year so with this, my calendar project is complete. 

Once again I have used some more stamps from the new range of Clear Stamps over at ItsyBitsy. These are all designed by the ItsyBitsy team so they are indigenous Indian-made stamps. I'm personally so proud of that and additionally just love the designs. This time I used stamps from 2 packs - one is the continuation of cute animals and the other is a floral set full of pretty flowers and leaves.  For the month of April, I featured 2 adorable turtles and filled the corners with some pretty flowers.

For May, I featured a plumpy little dinosaur coloured grey using my copic markers. The flowers surrounding him are from the other floral stamp set and I just scribbled inside them with a pink liner to add some definition. 

Here's a closeup of the dinosaur - isn't it adorable. Loved the cute bow and hat which of course came with the stamp. 

For June, I used this ultra cute crocodile stamp for the same set. Isn't it just too cute!! There was a lot of white space when I was done so I filled it with some grapes from the floral die set. It was fun to do - inking one side with purple and the other with green. 

I used a fine liner to outline the grapes and leaves to give a really fun cartoony feel to the project. Isn't it clever how the crocodile's mouth is open towards the grapes as enough he is waiting for it! Love it!

Well that concludes my stamped calendar! Had so much fun with this project! Hope you liked it too and drop by for more great projects at the ItsyBitsy blog!

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  1. Amazing work Sunhera..I love the different pages you have created for each month and I so love these cute stamps too :)..So happy Itsy Bitsy has their own range of stamps now :)

    1. Yes!! Isn't it awesome!! Im just loving the designs!!