Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Wedding Explosion Box

I love making explosion boxes!!! They are so unique and fun - a great way to make a card into a gift and vice versa. I recently did a wedding themed explosion box which provides space to record details about a couple's relationship - almost like a scrapbook in a box!

Here is a view of the box when it's closed - in addition to the lovely bow for lid, I also created this massive rose using some pink punch paper from ItsyBitsy. Nothing says love and weddings like roses and I wanted this one to be really grand and lavish.

When the lid is removed, the sides of the box fall back to reveal a giant card filled with spaces to record different details of relationship. The topics include 'How we Met', 'Our Families', 'Our First Photo', 'Our  Engagement', Our Firsts and 'Our Wedding. I also provided 2 tags for the couple to write notes to each other. All the headings are cut from a Spellbinders office supplies die - great for projects like this. 

The central feature of the explosion box is this gorgeous 3D tiered cake. I decorated each tier with the Spellbinders Banner Basics Die and added a rim of pearls as well to make it truly bridal. For the top, I made a rose using the ItsyBitsy Swirly Rose Die on top of a pretty bow of soft pink ribbon. 

The final feature of this project was the secret compartment hidden in the base of the cake to add a small gift like a note, cash, a gift card or even jewellery. Isn't that fun! 

How do you like my Wedding Explosion Box - would love to hear your views!! 

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  1. This is super awesome stuff (y) Very creative :)

  2. I saw a previous explosion box and was so taken with it that I have started from today and working my way back through your blog. I just love the whole idea of the explosion box...I only wonder how to go about posting them.