Friday, July 18, 2014

TGIF with Pooja - Card tutorial

Hi everyone! 
Welcome back to another Friday special with me Pooja.
Today I have step by step tutorial on how I made this card.

So let’s get started!

 ·         Cut a white cardstock for card size – 4.6” X 6.6”

 ·         I love to recycle and that’s why I decided to use the packaging insert of the Itsy Bitsy Boutique Elements flowers.
·         These insets are quite thick and make such a lovely background.

·         Now stamp and colour your chosen stamped image and using an oval or circle die cut around the image.
·         Distress your diecut piece with distress inks. 

·         Turn your stamped and die cut image upside down.
·         Add wet glue to the corners of the shape as shown above.
·         Also cut out some crepe paper strip that’s about 1” wide. 

·         Now while making gathers just stick the crepe paper on the back of your oval piece.
·         Go a full circle with the gathers. 

·         Once done you should have a pretty looking gathered frame for your card!
·         Cut out any extra crepe paper that’s sticking out, so your frame looks even.

·         Apply glue on the sides of the gathered lace.
·         Now sprinkle some glitter over it, I am using silver since it looks great with pink.

·         Here is your frame all full of sparkle! 

·         Next step is to align and adhere the background paper. Alternatively you can use some pattern paper. 

·         Now just tear up the side of the background paper we just adhered. Be random.

·         Now add a rectangular die cut frame.
·         I have distressed the frame here. I have used spellbinders die to cut out this frame.

·         Now add some stamped and die cut clocks.

·         Now layer some white mesh cloth (Surgical gauze) in the centre.

·         Then add your frilled frame in the centre. 

·         Next add your embellishments. I am using Itsy bitsy – Antique fusion Party flowers and Antique fusion soft touch flowers.
·         With some sizzix die cut flourish and stamped butterflies. 

·         Finally finish off the card by applying Gesso on the flowers.
·         And then add a sentiment of your choice.

Here are some more pictures of the card.

I really adore these flowers ! They are made in India and are sturdy too. 

That’s about it for today!
Hope you liked the tute! See u next month!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial..its just wowww :) :)

    1. Lina ! thank you so much !
      I hope you will give it a go :)

  2. so beautiful Pooja..Thanks for the tutorial.. :) love the ruffled crepe paper around the image..:)

  3. very beautiful and thanks for sharing it with us...
    Greetings from Croatia

  4. Wow! thanks for sharing! Great tutorial!!
    Greetings for Venezuela!! ☺

  5. Amazing colors and techniques !!! gorgeous!!