Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to make a Fancy Paper Bag!

Hi everyone! It's Tuesday and we are here with another tutorial, this time a fancy gift bag! Gift bags are a great alternative to gift wrapping, especially if your gift does not come with a box or it’s an odd shaped gift. They are also great for small soft toys and other difficult to wrap gifts!

 You can make this bag from Card stock, Handmade paper or Mulberry paper.  Due to their flexibility and unique look, Handmade papers or Mulberry papers are better choices.

Supplies Required:
  1. A sheet of Cardstock / Handmade Paper/ Mulberry Paper
  2. Eyelets
  3. Ribbon / Cord / Twine
  4. Mulberry Flowers
  5. Chipboard Flourishes
Tools Required:
  1. Scoring Tool
  2. Craft Glue
  3. Eyelet Setting Tool
  4. Hammer
  5. Scissors

Cut your Card stock to measure approximately 30cm x 42cm. 
 30cm x 42cm is the approximately the size of A3 paper. However, you can use different dimensions if you want. For this project a rectangular paper will work well, preferably with an approximate ratio of 1.5 (Length should be roughly 1.5 times the width). A4, A3 sizes will also work well. The height of the bag will be about 2-3 inches less than the width.

Score the paper ½” from the edge on the left side. Measure the length from the score line to the other edge and mark the centre (as shown in the figure). Make a score line at this centre. You can lightly draw a line with pencil if it makes it easier for you. (This side will form the inside of the bag).

Fold the card stock on the middle score line and punch two holes using an eyelet tool or the hole punch on the top and bottom layer. The eyelets should be more than 1.5” away from the side edges.
Flip the card stock over and fix the eyelets by inserting them through the hole from the outside and hammering them with help of an eyelet setting tool and hammer.  After the eyelets are fixed flip the paper back.

Apply glue on the 0.5” edge which you folded in the first step. Fold the sheet over and stick it onto the folded flap as shown in the image above. Let the glue dry before the next step.
Make score lines 1 inch from both the side edges of the bag. Flip over and repeat the same on the other side. These score lines will form the side pleat of the bag. Also make a score line 2 inches from the bottom edge. Flip over and do the same on the other side.

Snip the score lines up to the bottom score line as shown in the figure.  Flip the bag over and do the same on the other side. Push the centre crease in on both the sides as shown in the figure.
Now we will close the base of the bag. We do not need the cutting mat anymore.
Glue and close the bottom flaps as shown.

Thread a coordinating ribbon through the eyelets and tie the both ends together on the inside. Repeat the same with the other pair of eyelets. Take care to ensure that the tied ribbons are same length. Your bag is ready and it’s time to embellish it.

Glue the chipboard flourishes to the bag and then glue the beautiful mulberry flowers.

Note: Scoring is very important when working with paper folding. This is how you get a neat, professional looking finish.
Please let us know what you think of this tutorial in the comments below and send us pictures if you try it.
Happy crafting!

Link for Supplies:
Mulberry Papers

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