Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pop Up Box Birthday Card

Hi Folks! Welcome to another Itsy Bitsy Crafty Tutorial. Today we are going to show you how to make pop up box card! These are great cards to make for any special occasion. And they are perfect to display on a shelf or desk. In this tutorial we will show you this card we like to call the “Say it with Flowers ” card.

Supplies used in this card:
  1. 12”x12” double sided Cardstock (Pink/White) –(DCWV  Cherry Limeade stack) – 1 Sheet
  2. Coordinating 12”x12” pattern paper –(DCWV  Cherry Limeade stack) – 1 Sheet
  3. Handmade Minis Embellishments Bees & Flowers 8PCS PBCI LB (IBSC14121) -1 Pack
  4. Acetate Sheet – 1 Sheet

Note: You can choose paper in any colour and pattern as per your choice.

Tools required:
  1. Craft Glue
  2. Paper Cutting Knife
  3. Cutting Mat
  4. Scoring tool


Take the two sided 12x12” card stock sheet and trim 5 inches from one edge, so that you are left with a 12”x7” piece. 

 Using a paper cutting knife or scissor, make score lines as shown in the figure (guidelines below)

The Blue lines are the score lines and the red lines are the cuts. Make 3 cuts (along the red dotted lines) as shown in the figure above.

Fold the box on the score lines as shown in the figure.

Cut a 4”x1” piece of the card stock. Make a score line lengthwise at the ½” mark as shown in the figure. This piece will used to close the side of the box.

Apply craft glue on the side of the small edge piece and stick to the edge sides as shown above.

Glue the other side of the edge piece and stick to the other side edge of the box.

Fold three of the flaps as shown.

 From the piece of paper you had initially trimmed off, cut three 5”x 1” strips of paper. Make score lines about 1” from both the ends as shown in figure above.

Fold the end tabs as shown in the image. Apply glue to the tabs.

Stick the three tabs inside of the box as shown above.
NOTE: You might have to trim the tabs for a good fit. The tabs should sit comfortably inside without distorting the shape of the box.

Cut out four squares of approximately 2.5” x 2.5” from the coordinating pattern paper. Centre and glue them onto the flaps of the box.

Glue the flower embellishment to the first strip (as shown).
Cut 5 thin strips (about 0.5mm wide) of acetate sheet. Glue the rest of the embellishments (flowers and bees) to the ends of these strips.
Glue these acetate strips to the other two tabs. Stick the birthday sentiment on the flap as shown above.  Your pop up box is complete!

Note: It is important to let the glue dry properly between steps.  

You can write personalize messages, add more flowers or use different embellishments depending on the occasion. This is a very versatile style and you customize it to suit your requirement

Do leave your feedback in the comments below and send us pictures on our Facebook Page if you make it.
Happy crafting!J

Here are the links for supplies:

Printed cardstock:
Mini Embellishments:
Craft Glue:
Cutting Mat
Scoring Tool
Paper Knife


  1. Wow! This is so cool! I can't believe how much detail goes into this box and the little compartments are adorable! Awesome sauce! TFS! ~Niki

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