Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Climbing Rose Vines

Hi Everyone! Welcome to another Itsy Bitsy Tutorial :)
Today we are going make a Climbing Rose Vine and you don’t even need a garden or a trellis! These pretty roses are made with tissue paper and floral wire. It's a very easy project and the end result is a beautiful, no-maintenance rose vine. This vine can be used for home decor, party decor, baby shower, curtain accent, a garland or just to brighten up a room!

Level: Beginner

So let’s get started!  Here is a list of supplies you will need:
1.       Tissue papers in your choice of colours. We are using three shades of pink.
2.       Floral wire
3.       Floral Tape
4.       Craft Glue
5.       Some beads (one for each flower )
6.       Zig-zag scissors


Fold the tissue paper in half and then again in half as shown in the above pictures.  

Fold this strip in half and again in half as shown. You will end up with about 10cmX10cm size folded layered square.

Cut out a circle of this tissue paper square with pinking shears or zig zag scissors. If you find free hand cutting difficult you can draw a circle with a pencil and then cut it. You can try out other fancy cut scissors as well.

 Thread a bead onto a floral wire, fold the short end back and twist it with the long end as shown in the pictures above. This bead will be the center of your flower and wire will become the stalk of the flower.

Eyeball the center of the tissue circles and carefully make hole through it using the floral wire or a piercing needle. You can use a piercing mat to do this step more safely.  You will need 8-10 pieces of these circles per flower. Thread one tissue circle onto the stem.

Glue the tissue circle to the bead and squish it nicely around the bead (as shown in the figure). This will form the center of the flower.

Add one circle at a time with a dab of glue between layers. Crinkle each circle slightly as shown in the pictures.

Once 8-10 pieces are added, wrap the wire with green floral tape to form the stalk. Your flower is now complete. Make as many flowers as you need for your vine.

Now we will start assembling the vine. Take two flowers, stagger them slightly and start binding the stems together with floral tape. Keep adding flowers until your vine is as long as you want.  You can also add some ready fabric leaves or paper leaves to accent the flowers.

Your lovely vine of roses is ready! You can use these vines in different ways for your home decor.

Please leave your feedback in the comments below and do send us pictures on our Facebook page if you make it.

Happy Crafting!

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