Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spectacular Wall Art with Itsy Bitsy Metallic Paints and Alcohol Inks.

Hi Folks! A very good morning to you!! Hope you are having a great week. Itsy Bitsy is conducting a series of workshops in the month of April. A couple of our workshops (18th April) had to be rescheduled due to Karnataka bandh. For people who might have missed the workshop, here is a step by step tutorial for a spectacular wall art.

Itsy Bitsy has recently introduced a range of fantastic metallic paints! These come in many lovely shades and in this tutorial we are going to show you a very simple technique to make spectacular wall art using Itsy Bitsy Metallic Paints.  This technique can be used on Stretched Canvas, Canvas Boards, Wooden Boards, MDF or Wooden Alterables. And the best part, no prior experience required!

So let’s get started!
Here is a list of supplies you will need:

  1. Wooden Board  (or Canvas or Alterable of your choice)
  2. Itsy Bisty Metallic paints in your choice of colours.
  3. A flat brush
  4. Heat Tool
  5. Alcohol Inks in your choice of colours – should be darker than the metallic paint
  6. Ink Applicator
  7. Shadow Box (to mount your art)
  8. Petal paper ( or any paper of your choice for background for your art)
1.       Jewellery Findings, Jute scraps, Chipboard Shapes, Buttons, Shells, Beads etc.

On the blank wooden board, stick some skeleton leaves using white craft glue. Try not to spread out the leaves in a definite pattern unless you particularly want that effect.
After the glue is dry, paint the board with the metallic paint. You can paint over the leaves or leave them bare depending on what you want.

While the paint is still wet, apply heat with a heat tool. This will make the paint bubble and dry, leaving a beautiful textured surface.
With an applicator, gently apply brightly coloured alcohol ink on top of the dry paint. This emphasizes the contrast between bumps and shadows, and gives more dimension to your painting. Let everything dry and you are done!!

Mount your canvas or canvas board into a shadow box. Use a contrasting paper back ground to showcase your artwork (shown above)!

 Experiment with different sizes, colours and shapes to get the effect you want.  You can also use this as shimmery, textured painting as a background which can then be decorated and built upon in many different ways!  You glue findings, shells, buttons, twine, jute etc to add more depth to your work. You can also try stamping for adding more interest. Here are a couple of ideas:

Please let us know what you think of this technique and do send us pictures if you try it.
Happy crafting!
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