Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Store in GOA!!

Hi Folks!!!  Great News!! We are proud to announce that we are now at one of the most sought after vacation destinations in India – GOA!!  YAY!!!

Last Saturday we opened our latest store in Goa. Team Itsy Bitsy wants to thank Goans for such an overwhelming response and making the grand opening a huge success!! There were free craft demos, activities, gifts and a lot of good cheer J

The inauguration ribbon was cut by Mrs Kunda Chodankar, Chairperson of Bal Bhavan.

It is our goal to bring the fantastic range of our products to all corners of the country. We are already achieving this through our online store. However, it is a whole different experience just walking in and browsing through an Itsy Bitsy Store J

If you haven’t already visited, do stop by. The grand opening sale is on and there are fantastic deals and discounts to be had until 12th of July. The store is located in Panjim:

Shop No. 1, Rio Sol Towers,
Opp Parade ground,
Next to Campal Clinic,
Panjim - 403001
Mobile : +91 70309 71288

We would also like to request your help in spreading the word regarding our new store. Please let your friends and acquaintances residing in Goa know about the new outlet. And do write to us with your feedback and suggestions at info@itsybitsy.in

It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location with the same quality and service you have come to expect of us. We hope to see you there.

Check out some more photos of the opening ceremony and the workshops:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mother's love- Project 2

Hey ppl,

This is Dr. M V Pratyusha here from Pratvam Progs.

Today I will be sharing a project that is completely done using the 1mm quilling strips and few 3mm quilling strips from the new premium quilling range of strips from itsy bitsy.

It is a canvas project. The dimensions of the canvas are 5x7 inches. The background is coloured using poster colours- peacock blue, deep green and yellow ochre. I then gave it a coat of Monte Marte gloss medium to seal the background colours as I had used poster colours.

I have used 2 colours the red and the pink to make the petals of the flower. The bigger blossoms are made from pink colour 1mm strips by sticking 6 strips together to make a single petal. As I had already mentioned that due to manufacturing constraints the length of the strips will remain 11 inches coz of which 2 packs of 50 strips yielded me 7 big size flowers. For the small red flowers I cut a single strip into two and used to make one petal with each half.

               The stem for the tree is made from 3mm quilling quilling strips (coffee brown).

Then I added the Quote which is  "Fragrance of mother's love, beautiful and silent as the flower's".


 And tada here's the finished project.

 I loved working with the 1mm strips and they are really addictive to work with. Hope you all give them a try.
In case of any queries do drop then in the comment section or ping on facebook.

Would love to hear what you ppl think of this project!!! :)
Would like to thank Itsy bitsy for giving me this opportunity :) 

Hope to be back soon,

Till Then,
Keep Crafting :)

Disclaimer- Unless stated, all photos are the work of Pratyusha and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shine Bright- Project 1

Hey ppl,

This is Dr. M V Pratyusha from Pratvam Progs (Again :P)

Today I am here to share one of the projects I made using the new premium range of quilling strips.

I keep visiting Itsy Bitsy every now and then as it is very near to my home. I love the craft supplies that they stock. I am a big fan of their quilling strips as I already told you all in the previous post. Apart from that they stock Canvases of various sizes. Working on canvas gives you a stable surface and a working area that is versatile. I love using canvases for my quilling projects.

This post today is one such canvas that I have prepared.

Used 5x7 inch canvas prepared it using gesso and then painted it using Tim Holtz distress paints spiced marmalade. Sketched out the outline for the sunflower and used doubling strip technique to do the outlining for the same. What follows is husking technique to fill up the whole of the interior of the flower.

The center of the sunflower is made using the squeezed beehive technique in 2 layers. Here for the center also added microbeads in golden colour.
Used 1mm strips to make hollow circles of various sizes and stuck them at random areas on the canvas. Used cardstock and printed the quote on it and then used distress ink in the colour Mowed lawn to highlight it. Stuck the same to the canvas using double sided tape. Also added creepers and handmade embellishment to complete the project!!!

Here's the completed project!!!

Would love to hear what you ppl think of this project!!! :)

In case of any queries do drop then in the comment section or ping on facebook.

Will be back with yet another project next week :)

Till Then,
Keep Crafting :)

Disclaimer- Unless stated, all photos are the work of Pratyusha and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Creepy Crawley Spider!!

Hi Folks! Itsy Bitsy is back with yet another Itsy Bitsy tutorial. These creepy crawly spiders will make a fun wall decor or fridge magnet! It’s a great craft for birthday parties or sleepovers!

Supplies Used:
  1. Bottle caps – 2 pcs
  2. Black Chenille stems – 2 pcs
  3. Google eyes  - 1 pair
  4. Silicon Glue
  5. Double Sided Foam Tape / Dot or Magnet
  6. Black Acrylic Paint
  7. Paint Brush

Paint both the bottle caps with black acrylic paint and let them dry.
Cut the chenille stems in half. You will have 4 chenille stem pieces.
Apply silicon glue to the middle to the chenille stem piece and press down on the inside of the bottle cap as shown.
Glue all the 4 chenille stem pieces as shown in the picture and let them dry. Apply silicon glue to the rim of the other bottle cap.
Glue it to the rim of the first bottle cap. Let the glue dry before the next step.
Glue the google eyes as shown.
 Bend the chenille stems as shown to make the jointed legs of the spider.
Stick the double sided tape to the underside of the spider. Alternatively you can also stick a disc or ring magnet at the back and make it a fridge magnet. 
Your creepy wall art is ready!! Try with different colors of chenille stems to add more fun :)
Please let us know what you think of this tutorial and do send us pictures if you try it.

Happy crafting!

Link for Supplies:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Cute Merino Sheep

Hello Crafters! Today we are going to show you an easy but fun craft project. These easy and simple crafts are great to initiate kids into the creative world of crafts! We try to make these tutorial very detailed so that young children can also follow them easily. Thermocol balls, pompoms and chenille sticks are very versatile crafting materials and there are hundreds of possibilities. Today we are going to make a fluffy little sheep J

For this project you will need following supplies:
  1. Thermocol Ball 4cm – 1pc
  2. Black Chenille stem : 1 pc
  3. Black Pompom 1.5cm – 1pc
  4. White Pompom 3cm– 1pc
  5. Google Eyes: 2 pcs
  6. A scrap of black felt
  7. Silicon Glue
  8. Cutting Pliers or Scissors
Stick the black pompom to the thermocol ball using silicon Glue. stick google eyes to the black pompom
Cut out two ear shaped flaps from the scrap of felt as shown in the picture above. Glue them to the head of the sheep to form ears

Cut chenille stem on 4 equal parts. Shape one end of the chenille stem pieces as per the picture above. This will give hooves to the sheep.

Apply some silicon glue to the other end of the chenille stems and insert them into the thermocol ball as shown to make the legs. The glue once set, will keep the legs stable and chenille stem pieces will not come loose.
Cut up the white pompom to make some fluff.

Apply the glue on the thermocol ball and stick the fluff all around.

 A cute fluffy sheep is ready. Use it for model of a farm or just have fun crafting!

Please let us know what you think of tutorial on our Facebook Page and do send us pictures if you try it.
Happy crafting!

Link for Supplies:
Thermocol Ball: