Monday, August 31, 2015

Majestic Lion

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Itsy Bitsy Tutorial.

Today we are going to learn how to make this Majestic Lion! Don’t worry about his ferocious looks, he is a friendly one, and easy to put together especially with our step by step tutorial. It’s also a fun way for parents to add a creative activity to their fun time with kids.

This craft uses a thermocole ball as base and chenille sticks for the mane. Thermocole balls are one of the most versatile craft supplies. There are many things you can make using these balls, a flower ball, glitter balls, cute animals, a solar system model or Christmas ornaments. Kids just love them!

For making this Lion you will need the following supplies:
Orange Bumpy Chenille sticks
Yellow Bumpy Chenille sticks
Google eyes: 1 pair
Yellow tempera or acrylic paint

Paint the thermocole ball with yellow paint and let it dry. This will be the head of the lion
Wrap the orange chenille stick around a pencil or your paint brush to curl it. Repeat for all the orange Chenille sticks.
Snip all the curled chenille stems into two pieces. These pieces will form the mane of the lion. 

Apply some silicon glue to one end of the curled chenille stick piece an insert it in the thermocole ball. Insert all the orange chenille stem pieces around the head, as shown.

On one side, push the stems a little closer to the head so that they appear shorter. The side with the larger mane will be the top of the head.

To make the ears, cut the yellow chenille stem to make 3 shapes as shown below. To make the “C” shaped pieces, twist and join two bumps together. One of the “C” should be slightly bigger than the other.

Insert the yellow pieces to make the ears; first the single bump, then the smaller “C” shape around it and then the largest “C” shape. Make sure to insert the ears on the side with the larger mane. Stick the google eyes.

Twist the black chenille stem as shown, trim it and shape it to form the nose and mouth.

Stick the mouth and nose. 

Your Majestic Lion is ready! 

Please let us know what do you think of the tutorial and do send us picture on our Facebook page if you try it,
Happy Crafting!

Chenille sticks :

Thermocole balls:

Google eyes:

Yellow tempera or acrylic paint:

Paintbrush :
Silicon Glue:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Anthurium Bouquet

Hi Folks! Hope you guys are doing great! A while ago we posted an image of Paper Anthurium Flowers on our Facebook wall. We got requests for a tutorial and as promised, we are here with detailed step by step instructions. These flowers are made with duplex crepe paper. Duplex Crepe paper has a lot of stretch and holds the shape beautifully on stretching, perfect for making realistic looking flowers.
(The image that we had posted is on the right.)

These flowers look very elegant and are great for a formal table decor, home decor, a corner table, or to make a paper flower bouquet. Because of the fantastic properties of the duplex paper, these are very easy to make. So let's find out how you can make your own bouquet. 

You will need the following supplies:

Duplex Crepe Paper - (your choice of colours)
Floral Tape - Green
Floral wire
Craft Glue
A pair of Scissors


To make the petal, fold the crepe paper and draw an approximate shape on the folded edge as shown in the image. The length should be approximately 2” -2 ½” and the width (from the folded edge) should be approximately ¾ “ – 1”. Each piece will form the petal of a flower, so cut out one piece per flower as per your requirement.
Stretch, curl and shape the petals as shown (using a pencil or a dowel)  
Cut a strip of crepe paper about 1”wide and 10” long. Wrap it around one end of the floral wire as shown and stick the end with glue.
Cut a small piece of paper and glue it around the wrap to close the top.
Apply glue to the base of the petal and place the wrapped wire as shown. Wrap the petal at the base as shown to form the flower.

Start wrapping the floral tape tightly, beginning at the base of the petal. Wrap the entire wire to make the stem.

Make a few flowers using slightly different lengths of wire for every flower. Arrange in a vase to display. You can also cut a thermocole ball in half, wrap it entirely with floral tape and insert the stems to display as shown in the image above. You can also make some long leaves cut out of green crepe paper to add some foliage.

Do leave your feedback in the comments below and send us images if you make these flowers.
Happy Crafting J

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Trendy Bracelet

Hi Folks! Make this trendy friendship bracelet for your best friend! It's easy to make and while making it you also learn a basics of simple jewellery making. Kids as well as grown ups both will love it. You can get a ready DIY kit to make this bracelet or use individual supplies as per your convenience. 
Here is a list of supplies you will need:

Beads of your choice

Measure your wrist and cut the required length of cotton cord.

Thread the cotton cord with the beads leaving about 1cm on both ends

Take three 1.5mm ribbon lenths, about 5-6 inches longer than the required length of the bracelet.

Hold them together and tie a knot as shown.

Braid the three strands together like a simple plait.
Tie a knot at the other end of the braid
Tip: Measure the bracelet before gluing the other end

Cut the 6mm ribbon as per the length required. Hold the ends of the ribbon, braid and the beaded cord together, Apply silicon glue to the ends and insert them into the provided cord end.

Glue the cord ends similarly on the other end and let the glue set for about 10-15 minutes.

Join the chain to the cords ends on both the ends using the jump rings.

Attach the lobster clasp to one of the jump rings.

And your cool and trendy bracelet is done!
Please leave your feedback in the comments below.
Do send us pictures on our Facebook page if you try this technique. Happy Crafting

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Store in Chennai!!!

Hi Fellow Crafters!! Itsy Bitsy is finally in Chennai!!!

We had been receiving requests to open a store in Chennai for some time. And we are here now J. The grand opening was on the 9th of August and the inauguration ribbon was cut by Mrs. Anupama.  

Our Directors Mr. Harish Closepet and Mrs. Rashmi Closepet were also present for the opening ceremony. Here are some photos:

Team Itsy Bitsy would like to thank all our customers in Chennai for such a fantastic response and making the opening a grand success!! It is our goal to bring the fantastic range of our products to all corners of the country and we are going one step at a time. Though we already service the entire country through our online store, we frequently receive requests to open a brick & mortar store in different cities in India! Well, being able to walk through a store and touch & feel the products is always a welcome experience!

As you all know, in our quest to provide more value to our customers, we have recently slashed our prices. We are now offering Low Prices Everyday and our aim is to be a people’s store, where everyone can PAY LESS, CRAFT MORE.
But don’t take our word for it, do stop by our store and check out our prices for yourself. 

 The Chennai store is located in Mylapore:

Premi, New Door No. 6,

Bishop Wallers Avenue South,

Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004
Ph no: 044-4231 7374
Mobile : +91 73583 41157

Check out some photos of the craft activities and demos:

We would also like to request your help in spreading the word. Please let your friends and acquaintances residing in Chennai know about our new outlet. And do write to us with your feedback and suggestions at

It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location with the same quality and service you have come to expect of us. We hope to see you there. J

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cute Little Ant

Hi Folks!! Here's a quick and easy craft for kids. Have fun trying out different colours! Perfect for a party, sleepover or just some weekend fun!

Pompoms – 3pcs
Google eyes – one pair
Chenille stem – 1pc
Black Cord or yarn – 1” pc
Silicon Glue

Here’s How:
Join the three pompoms together as shown using the glue to make the body. 

Cut the chenille stem into 4 equal length pieces and bend 3 of them into the shape shown below to make legs.

Glue the three legs to the three pompoms of the body as shown below.
Cut the 4th chenille piece into two equal pieces and curl one end of the pieces as shown to make the feelers.  Glue them to the pompom on one end of the body.

Stick the google eyes. 

Cut a small piece to make the smiley mouth. 

Let everything dry properly and your cute little ant is done! Pompoms and chenille sticks are one of the most versatile kid's craft supplies. Just give them to your kids and see their imagination soar!
Happy Crafting J