Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome to Itsy Bitsy Crafters Cafe!

Hello All!
Craft is brewing everywhere, and we are very happy to welcome you all to our own cafe - the ITSY BITSY CRAFTERS CAFE! We have loads of events & exciting crafty fun lined up, so stay tuned! 

To begin you are all welcome to share your creations made using SUPPLIES FROM ITSY BITSY (use  #madewithitsybitsy) on our cafe. Share your Itsy Bitsy Creation and stand a chance to win gift vouchers every month!
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We have already added many of you to our group, in case we have missed or you want us to add your crafty friends feel free to send us a request to join.

Happy Crafting !!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hello All!
Itsy Bitsy is a leading craft supply chain & the ONLY one with 16 brick & mortar stores pan India & a strong online presence. We are now looking to form our first ever DESIGN TEAM & inviting talented, enthusiastic and committed designers who love to create with our products. Whether you are a quilling expert, a decoupage specialist, a savvy scrapbooker, a creative card maker, a cool jewellery designer or a crafter with any other expertise, we would love to hear from you!

What we are looking for:
  • You must have a blog (which you maintained for atleast 6 months).
  • Be committed to promoting Itsy Bitsy brand through all social networks.
  • Commit for a 6 month term.
  • Be able to create your projects within deadlines (we will have a calendar set up in advance).
  • Create 2 projects each month using Itsy Bitsy supplies & prepare blog post for the same.
  • List all the Itsy Bitsy products used in the project with appropriate links back to the store.
  • One of these should be a tutorial (with detailed step by step pictures. A video will be an added advantage).
  • Be able to take & edit pictures of your work.
  • Share posts on your personal blog and social media.
  • Respond to comments related to your project on Itsy Bitsy Blog as well as Facebook group.
  • Join the private Itsy Bitsy DT Facebook Group & share information, project ideas & network with other design team members.
  • Join & promote our Facebook & social media accounts.
  • Be willing to participate in promotional activities such as such as blog hops, challenges, etc.
  • Excellent language skills!
  • Above all we are looking for team players who are proactive & willing to support other Design Team members & their projects by sharing posts & commenting.

Benefits of designing for Itsy Bitsy
  • Monthly DT kit for your project.
  • Fabulous Store discounts! (not on already discounted products).
  • Design Team members will have a photo posted on our blog.
  • Good exposure of your projects & tutorials across all our social media platforms.
  • Itsy Bitsy design team badge to feature on your blog.
  • Custom water mark to use on your Itsy Bitsy projects.
  • Share your creativity, tips & techniques with the readers on Itsy Bitsy Blog.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with India’s leading craft store & manufacturer.


If this excites you - 
Send in your details to (Subject line: DT call – Your name) with the following information:
  1.  Name, address & contact number.
  2. A single paragraph telling us a little about yourself & why you think you will be a great addition to the team.
  3.  Are you on any other design teams? If yes, please share details, also stating when you can join (if selected)
  4. Please let us know any designing & cutting software/machines you own.
  5. Links to your blog, you tube channel, Facebook profile, web gallery, pinterest, instagram or any other place where your works are published/ displayed.
  6.  A link to THREE projects (at least 1 tutorial) on your blog that best describes your style of work (ONLY 3).
  7. If you have a craft resume we would love to see that as well.
The deadline for applying is 30th April, 2016, if chosen you will be notified via email and the new team will be announced here on the blog on soon after. If selected, you will be sentdetailed information on DT requirements, including an understanding of your obligations to Itsy Bitsy.Thank you for your applications & Good luck! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Twine Wrapped Bottle

Hello All!! Welcome to another tutorial by Itsy Bitsy. Today, we shall turn an old bottle into a trendy new bottle! It is an easy DIY project and takes very little time and effort. Use your favourite colour of twine to decorate this bottle and make it prettier!!

Materials Required
Jute Twine – Any 2 colours
Silicone glue
Flower embelishment

Method – 

Step 1 : Take a bottle and apply silicon glue around the base
Step 2 : Glue orange jute twine around the bottle
Step 3 : Secure the end with silicon glue. Note - it is not necessary to glue the entire bottle.
Step 4 : Glue pink jute twine as shown
Step 5 : Continue wrapping the bottle with twine until the entire bottle is covered.
Step 6 : You can leave the bottle as is or embellish it with a cute flower 

The elegant twine wrapped bottle is ready. Use it for home d├ęcor, school projects or for a fun activity during the summer holidays. Let us know what you think of it. Happy Crafting :-) :-)

Link to supplies – 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Colouring Tips

Hello All!! Welcome to another Itsy Bitsy tutorial. Itsy Bitsy has just introduced Colour Yoga, Colouring Books for Adults - Nature, Geometrical, Damask, Classic and Floral. These books will allow you to start your day most creatively or let you relax after a hard day's work. It's an excellent arena for colour yoga & is an excellent alternative to meditation, letting you relax, de-stress and rejuvenate.

Colour your favourite design using a marker, colour pencil or by combining both. You can also add dimension to your designs with shading. In this tutorial, we shall show easy techniques of colouring using coloured pencils.

But, before we get to that, let us understand colours first.

Understanding Colours :

There are three types of colours –
Primary colours – Red, Blue & Yellow
Secondary colours – Orange, Green & Purple (created by combining 2 primary colours)
Tertiary colours – Yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-purple, red-purple & red-orange (created by mixing adjacent primary & secondary colours).
A tint is a colour plus white & a shade is a colour plus black.
We can further classify colours as warm (red, yellow & orange) & calm colours (green, blue & purple).

So, let’s get started & master this art!!
Materials required:
Colour Yoga Coloring book
Colour pencil – Lemon yellow, orange, light green, cobalt green, red, pink (you can choose the colours of your choice)

Method :
Step 1: Use yellow and orange colour pencils to colour the head of owl. We recommend that you use light pressure and colour in circular pattern. Sharpen the pencil to a fine point and draw very small overlapping circular marks.
Step 2: Colour the entire area as shown using orange and yellow colour gently. The best way to shade is to just alter pressure on your pencil.
Step 3: Using two or more colours and blending it to bring a smooth finish is essential in colour blending technique. In this case, use orange and red colour and blend thoroughly. The trick is to put a lighter shade and then overlap it with a darker colour, burnishing the previous colour. 
Step 4: Colour the flower pink. Darken the shade towards the middle of the flower and shade lighter as you move towards the petals.
Step 5: Intensify shading towards to edges. Try to cover the area smoothly at the light end and then increase pressure as you colour towards the darker end.
Step 6: Colour both the wings yellow followed by 2 different shades of green. Each colour should smoothly blend with the previous shade. Layering darker colours over light or medium shade is recommended as it adds colour and darkens and not vice versa.
Step 7: Use yellow, red and orange to shade the body. 
Relax your way into one of these patterns & you can find yourself twirled together with cords of colours in a fantasy land as beautiful as your childhood dreams. Bid adieu to stress forever with our colouring books. :-) :-)

Links :
Itsy Bitsy Colour Yoga Coloring book -