Craft Workshop at Lawrence School, HSR Layout

Midweek wasn’t so bad, we from Itsy Bitsy spent time scrapbooking with the students
and teachers of Lawrence School at HSR layout. We had pupil starting from the 5th to the
7th grade all excited about taking a break from academics to venture a little into their
creative side. With a little help from the class mentors we divided the students into
groups and got them seated and handed each one their own craft kit. After a quick brief
about scrapbooking, they were set to create their page. As the clock ticked, we saw empty
sheets of paper grow into beautiful layouts. We were amazed how creative the bunch at
Lawrence proved to be. Yet another successful workshop.
Look what I’ve got!!

Craft Workshop at Purva Fairmont, HSR Layout

On a sunny afternoon of the 14th we planned a craft workshop for the residents of Purva Fairmont. We created a friendly and an inviting environment at the clubhouse, excited children flocked in holding photographs of themselves, followed by their curious mommy’s and daddy’s. Most of them were fairly new to the idea of scrapbooking, after a quick introduction about us and what we do best (scrapbooking) there was a blast of creativity on the floor.

The children had the opportunity to evoke their creativity and experiment with a wide range of our scrapbooking material. The workshop was mainly intended for the kiddies but to our surprise it was a family extravaganza. Parents seemed to be extra thrilled and didn’t mind getting their hands a little sticky with glue. We gave out twenty handmade scrapbook albums to winners of a lucky draw. Three best scrapbook pages were given cash gift vouchers to our upcoming store at HSR.

WOW!! Mind blowing, the originality, the self-expression and all the imaginative discoveries, the Purva Fairmont clan proved to be a creative bunch after all.

We have a lot more in store for you, stick around with us, we are your neighborhood craft store.

A quick intro
Mr. Harish kick starts the workshop with a really quick introduction to our products.
A Creative chaos
It was a blast of creativity on the clubhouse floor.

Budding scrapbookers
Creativity has no limit, our budding scrapbookers holding their pages up high
Creative bunch
It was a mixed crowd, kids and parents busy creating their own masterpieces.
Family fun
It was a family retreat at the club house.
Family fun
Children and parents engaged with their personalized scrapbook page.
Waiting on the judges
While the judges pick out the best scrapbook page, children and parents wait curiously.
It’s my space
Busy creating his own special page


  1. Please inform us if there is any Craft Workshop anywhere in Banashankari during summer holidays

  2. Please inform us if there is any Craft Workshop anywhere in Banashankari during summer holidays