Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Macrame Bracelet

Macrame Bracelet

Hi Folks! Welcome to our Tuesday tutorial! Today we will show you how to make a cute Macrame Bracelet. Friendship day is around the corner & this can be a great gift.

Figure 1 - Fold the pink and the blue cords in half and tie a knot as shown

Figure 2 – You will have four cords to work with. Make a square knot with the blue cord around the pink cords, keeping the pink cords in the middle

Figure 3 - Thread one bead each onto the two blue cords.

Figure 4 - Make another square knot with the blue cords keeping the pink cords in middle.

Figure 5 - Thread the blue cords again with one bead each and make another square knot.

Figure 6 - Once your bracelet is of the desired length, make three square knots without threading beads. Make a knot at the end. Please note that the finished length will be about an inch longer than the macrame string length.

Figure 7 - Apply strong glue (eg F-6000) to the ends of the bracelet and insert them into the cord ends.

Figure 8 - Attach a jump ring to one of the cord ends.

Figure 9 - Attach the lobster clasp to the other cord end using another jump ring.

Figure 10 - Your beautiful macrame bracelet is ready!!

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