Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pay Less, Craft More!

Hi Folks, A very good morning to all of you! We bring good tidings! In fact great tidings actually J
We have slashed our prices heavily and now offering Low Prices Everyday!

CRAFT MORE, PAY LESS is our new mantra!! It’s a Craft Retail Revolution! 

Itsy Bitsy started as a small 400 Sq. Ft. store in Banashankari 2nd stage, Bangalore in 2007.
Our goal was to be a one-stop shop for all Art & Craft supplies. Back then, a store completely dedicated to Hobby, Arts & Crafts was unheard of. All of you, our customers welcomed us & supported us enthusiastically! Today, we have 15 stores, 10 in Bangalore, 2 in Delhi, 1 in Mumbai, 1 in Hubli, 1 in Goa, 1 coming up soon in Chennai & there are more in the pipeline!

Your encouragement has given us courage & strength to open more stores, source aggressively & come up with a better & bigger range! We now carry over 20,000 Art & Craft supplies under one roof! 

YOU have helped us reach this point & now it is time for us to give it back to you!

So here’s the GOOD NEWS!


To give you some idea, here are some of our new pricing facts (prepare yourself to be amazed!!):
  • 7000 products priced at or under Rs. 49/-
  • 10,000 products prices at or under Rs. 99/-
  • Huge range of stickers priced at Rs 10/- (yes less than the price of a chocolate bar)!
  • Wide range of Quilling strips starting from just Rs. 10/-
  • High Quality Ice – cream sticks (Popsicle sticks) 100 pcs at just Rs. 29/-
  • A fantastic range of High Quality beads at only Rs. 1.50/- gm (In our Bead Bar)
  • Large range of full size papers starting from just Rs. 10/-

You may think we have gone crazy with our prices. But, hey, who doesn't like a CRAZY BARGAIN??? And the best part, this is not a sale; these prices are here to stay! With our new pricing, it looks like a SALE EVERYDAY!

This is probably the first time ever, a brick & mortar retailer in Craft Industry has slashed prices to give value everyday and that is exactly why we call this a “Craft Retail Revolution”.  Our prices are no longer retail prices, they have become almost like “WHOLESALE PRICES”!

Our goal is to be a “Craft Value Store” offering value to every craft enthusiast! We feel greatly blessed to have all your support & say a BIG THANK YOU! J

Here's how we have achieved it:

  • When we had only 1 store, we could only buy small quantities. You have helped us grow to a point where we can buy large quantities. Large quantities help us negotiate better prices. We want to pass on these savings to you!
  • We have come up with lean & mean methods of production with improved efficiency (in case you are not aware, we manufacture a large part of our merchandise ourselves). We want to pass on these savings to you!
  • We are a creative company & have come up with innovative ways of cost reduction in supply chain! We pass on these savings to you as well!
  • We are a socially committed organisation currently employing large number of rural women. We believe by doing greater volumes, we can employ greater number of women! In spreading the word & helping us achieve our goals, you will also be contributing to this cause every time you buy at Itsy Bitsy!
  • We believe we are not an everyday Retail store anymore but more of a “Craft Service Retailer” where we source, produce, pack & put on shelves quality products at an affordable price!

Crafting is great for all ages, so our mission is to make high quality Art & Craft supplies affordable for everyone!!! 

Seeing is Believing!  So come to Itsy Bitsy & be a part of this Craft Retail Revolution! These prices are not just limited to our brick & mortar store. You can just log on to & shop on our website at these amazing prices! 

We sincerely thank you once again for being a member of the Itsy Bitsy Crafting Community & seek your continued support in this new endeavour of ours!!!
Happy Crafting! J

Team Itsy Bitsy

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