Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Metamorphosing Butterfly

Hi Folks! Welcome to our Tuesday tutorial! Today we will show you how to make this metamorphosing butterfly. Fold the wings and you see only the caterpillar. Open the wings, and it transforms into a beautiful butterfly! A fun and easy craft for kids! They will have fun making it and showing it off :) 

Supplies needed:

  1. Ice cream sticks - 8 pcs
  2. Tempera paints or Acrylic paints - (in your choice of colours)
  3. Handmade Paper - 11.5x12cm piece
  4. 20mm Pompoms - 5 pcs (in your choice of colors)
  5. Google eyes (3mm)- 1 pair
  6. A small piece of red paper or felt
  7. Sequins
  8. Paint brush
  9. Craft glue or Silicon Glue

Here's how:

Paint all the ice cream sticks. (You can also use pre-colored ice cream sticks)

Cut the green paper into 11.5X12cm rectangle.
Glue the ice cream sticks to the paper as shown. 
Important: The two sticks in the center should be close together but the rest of the sticks should have 2-3mm of space between them.
Glue the pompoms on the two centre sticks as shown. The green pompom is the head and the red pompoms are the body of the caterpillar/butterfly.

Fold the sticks like a fan as shown in the image.
Cut a piece of the chenille stem and form it into the shape shown in the image. This will form the antennae.

Glue the antennae to the ice cream sticks just under the "head" pompom.

Make the wings in desired shape using the provided glue. Glue the sequins to make wings. Stick the google eyes and small triangle of red paper to make the mouth.

Make dots and patterns on the wings of butterfly with other colours.

You can make the wings' shape as per your choice!

Your metamorphosing butterfly is ready! Fold it to make the caterpillar and open the folds to transform it to a butterfly!

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