Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cute Little Ant

Hi Folks!! Here's a quick and easy craft for kids. Have fun trying out different colours! Perfect for a party, sleepover or just some weekend fun!

Pompoms – 3pcs
Google eyes – one pair
Chenille stem – 1pc
Black Cord or yarn – 1” pc
Silicon Glue

Here’s How:
Join the three pompoms together as shown using the glue to make the body. 

Cut the chenille stem into 4 equal length pieces and bend 3 of them into the shape shown below to make legs.

Glue the three legs to the three pompoms of the body as shown below.
Cut the 4th chenille piece into two equal pieces and curl one end of the pieces as shown to make the feelers.  Glue them to the pompom on one end of the body.

Stick the google eyes. 

Cut a small piece to make the smiley mouth. 

Let everything dry properly and your cute little ant is done! Pompoms and chenille sticks are one of the most versatile kid's craft supplies. Just give them to your kids and see their imagination soar!
Happy Crafting J

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