Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Surprised Frog!

A very Happy Tuesday to all! Today we are going to make a cute little frog for our little friends! It's an easy to make and fun pompom project. Pompoms are such versatile little things, cute, colourful and full of fun! Combine them with chenille sticks, craft sticks, thermocol balls and google eyes and you are looking at endless fun opportunities. Today we are going to make a cute frog which looks kind of surprised. Imagine the stories one could tell with this froggie as a puppet!

Supplies required to make this frog:

Pom Poms: 4 (1 – 40 cm, 1 – 30cm, 2 – 15cm)
Google Eyes- 1 pair
Felt – Green, Purple, Red

     Cut out the lily pad and the mouth from green felt. Cut the Webbed feet from purple felt and tongue from the red felt.

Loop and twist the Chenille stem in the middle to make a “8” shape.

Shape the loops to resemble frogs legs. 

Glue the webbed feet on the lily pad with silicon glue. 
Glue the legs (hold for a while to let the glue dry a little)

Stick the 40 cm pompom and then the 30 cm pompom to make the body.

Stick the two smallest pompoms to make the base for eyes.

Stick the google eyes.

Your awesome frog is ready to play! Experiment with different colours and sizes of pompoms and see what you can come up with. Happy Crafting :)