Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Republic Day Chakra

As the republic day comes closer, let us ignite the patriotic spirit & create a lovely chakra.

It is an easy DIY for kids too. You can attach a magnet and stick it onto the fridge or window to showcase your love for the country. You can also stick a double sided tape and hang it.

Materials required:
·         Punch paper: Orange-1, white- 2 and green- 1.
·         Scale
·         Cutter
·         Glue
·         Magnet or double sided tape
To make small decoration you can use A4 sheet but to make large decoration glue two A4 sheets


Step 1 - Place the scale on the paper and score all the punch paper using the blunt edge of the cutter. Let the distance between the scored lines be equal. It is best to use the width of the scale to score
Step 2: Score all the paper as shown
Step 3: Fold on the scored lines, as shown
Step 4: Fold all the paper along the scored lines, as shown

Step 5: Hold the folded paper tightly and cut slanting to make pointed tip, as shown
Step 6: Glue one side of the entire folded paper, as shown
Step 7: Stick it to the white folded paper
Step 8: Glue all the folded papers to one another, as shown. Let them be in the order: white, orange, white and green
Step 9: Glue on the flat edges of the paper. Glue the green folded paper, as shown
Step 10: Turn the papers to make a circle and stick the green paper to the white paper to complete the circle
Glue the magnet to the center of the flag or you can attach a double sided tape
The flag is read. Let us enhance the spirit of integrity and brotherhood by making and gifting these in schools, colleges and offices.

Link to supplies - 
Scale:  IBPA60016
Cutter: ODST71358
Glue: IBAD13255
Magnet: IBCR13581
Double sided tape: IBAD13162 


  1. Great art !
    thanks for sharing it, find out real and unique gift for celebrate valentine -

  2. Yes i also think its possible. I have read your article its really wonderful job!!