Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bright and Beautiful Sunflower

Hello All! Hope you all are having a great week! Itsy Bitsy is back with another fun tutorial. Today we are going to make Sunflower which is big and bright, to upgrade the beauty of your room.
Supplies required:

To make Flower:
1.      Cork sheet- cut to round shape, diameter 7 inch
2.      Chip board- cut to round shape, diameter 7 inch
3.      Handmade Paper-Yellow-cut to sunflower petal shape (length 7 inch)
4.      Handmade Paper- Green- cut to round shape, of diameter 6 inch
5.      Flower making Stem- 5mm

To make the Leaves & Stem
1.      Handmade Paper- Green- cut the shape of leaf
2.      Floral Tape
3.      Flower making stem 1mm (to make the leaves)
4. Pipe (Any)

Step 1- Glue the cork sheet to the chip board
Step 2 - Glue the petal end and press it to the chipboard. Keep adding the petals closely throughout
Step 3 - Glue the stem to the completed flower and cover the back using green handmade paper
(To make the Leaves and Stem)
Step 4 - Glue the leaf at the edges and place the floral stem on the leaf. Place another leaf on top and press. Using the hand embossing tool, make venation pattern on leaf
Step 5 - Use the floral tape to wind a pipe (use any), which will be the stem of the flower. Keep adding the leaves one below another and continue winding the tape to the entire length of the pipe
Step 6 - On completion of the stem, bend the leaves
Step 7 - Place the sunflower on a stem, as shown
Place the completed sunflower in a pot and brighten up your room corner. Place your sunflower in a vase or a decorated pot of your choice and make the boring corner bright. You can try making different flowers by changing the pattern of the petals.  Do let us know what you think of this tutorial.
Happy Crafting :)

Link for Supplies:
1.       Handmade Paper- Green - IBSC11823
2.       Floral Tape -       IBCR28805
3.       Flower making stem for leaves - IBCR30652
4.       Flower making stem  - IBCR30654
5.       Cork sheet - IBCR12106
6.       Chip board - IBPP12090
7.       Handmade Paper- yellow - IBPP19043
8.       Scissors - IBHA70589

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