Tuesday, March 22, 2016

CAS Holi Card

The festival of colour is here and we are all ready to welcome the colours with our super cute and simple CAS cards, using stencils. :-) :-)

Materials required:
·        Stencils
·        Tempera colour
·        Card stock- 2 (we have ready 5”x7” card with envelope)
White and yellow
·        Double sided glue dot
·        Sponge

Step 1: Place the stencil on a white card stock. (You can stick the edges of the stencil to the card stock using cellophane tape for convenience) 
Step 2: Hold the stencil firmly. Using a sponge, dab the colours on to the card
Step 3 : Use bits of sponge to add different colours. Use colours of your choice to shade
Step 4: Remove the stencil, turn the card and stick double sided tapes to the edges of the card. 
Step 5 : Place this card on another card stock. This gives a 3D border for the stencil painting

Once dry, your card is ready & all set to be gifted. Gift it to your loved ones by adding sentiments and wishes. Enjoy a colourful and eco-friendly Holi. 

Link to supplies :
Card stock- 2 (we have ready 5”x7” card): http://www.itsybitsy.in/store/card-making/coloured-cards


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