Thursday, April 14, 2016

Twine Wrapped Bottle

Hello All!! Welcome to another tutorial by Itsy Bitsy. Today, we shall turn an old bottle into a trendy new bottle! It is an easy DIY project and takes very little time and effort. Use your favourite colour of twine to decorate this bottle and make it prettier!!

Materials Required
Jute Twine – Any 2 colours
Silicone glue
Flower embelishment

Method – 

Step 1 : Take a bottle and apply silicon glue around the base
Step 2 : Glue orange jute twine around the bottle
Step 3 : Secure the end with silicon glue. Note - it is not necessary to glue the entire bottle.
Step 4 : Glue pink jute twine as shown
Step 5 : Continue wrapping the bottle with twine until the entire bottle is covered.
Step 6 : You can leave the bottle as is or embellish it with a cute flower 

The elegant twine wrapped bottle is ready. Use it for home d├ęcor, school projects or for a fun activity during the summer holidays. Let us know what you think of it. Happy Crafting :-) :-)

Link to supplies – 

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  1. such a amazing look and also we can put flowers in it so it looks more wonderful.